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IT Filing for my Company Employees made conscious efforts in building it's services that are digital, easy to use, mostly not travel or visits to tax consultants in helping Company Employees use from their work place and/or home.

Why Choose for your Company Employees ?

Typically, Employers give the salary and other tax data to tax filers to file in bulk. Due to the way they do the business, many times, they do not engage with you in understanding your tax profile correctly, there by loosing the benefit of deductions, and exemptions. In addition, mismatches between Form 26AS, and your tax deductions (both salary based, and other sources of income) causes you to get IT notices. IT notice resolution may cost you dearly, and you may end up in paying excess tax for not considering all the deductions. offering Two Services for your Company employees

  1. 100% FREE Self Service IT Filing
  2. Expert Assisted IT Filing Service
  3. Expert Tax Consultation

Refer Company specific pages for your Employer Accenture, HCL, IBM, Infosys, Intel, ITC, Qualcomm, Reliance, SBI, Tata TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro

Choose Self Service Tax Filing to prepare your Taxes online, easily by following simple steps.

A 100% FREE, Comprehensive, intuitive, and optimized online do-it-yourself questionnaire for filing taxes for any income level. We made filing EZ, and a valuable experience! Start for Free Original or Revised Income Tax Return for AY 2021-22

Check How to complete IT Filing for AY 2021-22

Get 100% Free IT Filing App and other Tax Apps from

Self Service Tax Filing

While Income Tax is a complex subject for the most, EZTax Experts are here to help you with ease. Look no further when you are dealing with IT returns. Whether it is Multiple house properties, Business Income, Capital Gains, Futures & Options, Clubbing Income, Foreign Income, ESOPs, Original, Belated, Revised with respect to an IT Notice, or any of the tax saving investments, covering AY 2021-22, our experts are here to help you!

See below to request Expert Assisted Tax Filing. Refer Expert Assisted Tax Filing Plan, with best & lowest Pricing

Check How to select Assisted Tax Filing Service

Assisted Tax Filing

Tax Expert advice at an affordable price using technology, and the convenience of online collaboration.

Tax Cases like Late Income Tax Filing, Job move, Salary restructure, Optimization of Taxes, Revised Income Tax Filing, Capital Gains, Reinvestment Options, Undisclosed Income, Tax Investigations, Handling IT Notices, IT Audit.. are some examples where we can help you with ease. Book your Tax Consultation appointment today to receive a call from an EZTax Tax Expert

Check How to select Tax Consultation Service

Tax Consultation with an Expert

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Client Reviews

C Srinivas

C Srinivas

Director-CR, ICFAI Business School
  Had a great experience in filing my tax with EZTax. It is easy to use with step by step screens. The team provided quick, thorough and friendly support. EZHelp from their Self-Service Tax Filing Solution took care of most of my doubts. One only needs to upload Form 16 in pdf and the software takes care of everything else.

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How to get help from

How to start Self Service Income Tax Filing

Save on Taxes with EZTax

Express Filing

Introducing Express filing, a unique feature in filing your taxes where the tax engine will ask the relevant questions based on your profile, whether you are a salaried employee, trader, etc. It's that EZ (easy)!

Select your profile, EZTax will refine your questionnaires for you.

Snap your Form-16 and upload

Smart. Intuitive. Convenient. Choice. We auto read your Form 16 from your Company many ways to reduce your data key in.

  1. Take a Photo and Upload an Image,
  2. Upload a Form-16 PDF
  3. Simple Salary Questionnaire from Form-16
  4. Comprehensive Salary questionnaire
EZTax in Mobile Screen
10 minutes could save you Ra.10000 or more

Tax Optimizer

Introducing EZTax Tax Optimizer, to save on taxes and increase the potential investment return. Per independent study* assesses on an average could save Rs. 10,000 or more on their taxes.

EZTax made it so simple that it will build a complex what-if scenario in real-time to show the current refund and new refund possible after recommendations for the coming year. more details

Creative Audit gives you peace of mind

EZTax carries experience, intent to help you get peace of mind. Creative Audit, a smart feature help you in knowing the potential filing issues now to get you peace of mind you rightly deserve.

Gives you a choice to take the decision on whether to correct the issue or skip the alerts before you file your taxes. more details

Creative Audit screen from EZTax
File Manager in App

Secure File Manager

No longer needed to search your tax documents for your Foreign Visa and/or for a home loan application. Tax files are available 24X7 with EZTax.

Upload your tax documents all @ EZTax Secure File manager, to retrieve anytime you want Online. EZTax keeps all the data in Indian Data Center, unlike other foreign companies.

Your information and documents are protected with highest security standards in the industry using 256 Bit A+ Grade (Highest Rated) SSL encryption.

ITR Report from App

Fastest e-File

We are by far the fastest e-Filer in the market today in India. Once prepared, takes just a few seconds to upload your return! 2020-21 questionnaires are available now for you to use!

Once Filed, you can download your customized ITR Report in PDF format along with email communication with reminders.

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