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Self Service TDS Return Preparation & Filing

1. Self-Service TDS Preparation

After logging into you EZTDS Signin account you can see two services offered by us, they are Self-Service TDS Preparation, and CA Assisted TDS Preparation. For Self-Service TDS Preparation, you have two options, you can either download an excel template after choosing the appropriate TDS form and fill the form offline and later upload it at your convenience or else you can fill the Form Online and prepare your TDS FVU File.

Save on Taxes with EZTax
Save on Taxes with EZTax

2. Download Excel Template

On the top right corner of the Services screen you can see the Template button and form name, you can select the appropriate form, and click on the Template button to download the template.

  1. 26Q (Non Salary)
  2. 24Q (Salary)
  3. 27EQ (TCS)

3. Fill the Template

  1. After downloading, you need to fill up the deductor details and the authorized person details in sheet 1.
  2. Under sheet 2, you need to fill up the Challan details which you have paid.
  3. Under sheet 3, you need to fill up the Dedcutee details from whom the TDS was deducted and enter the amount of TDS to be deposited under his PAN.
Save on Taxes with EZTax
Save on Taxes with EZTax

4. Upload the Template

  1. After filling up the details in the template you need to upload this template at EZTDS.in Signin by logging into your EZTDS account.
  2. To upload the templates please choose Self-Service TDS Preparation option and under that you can see an option which asks you to upload the template. Please select that and upload your excel template.

5. Review & eFile

  1. After uploading the excel you will be directly taken to Review & E File tab which will tell you errors (if any) in your uploaded template.
  2. In case, Interest to be paid (if any) for delay in deduction of TDS and for delay in payment of TDS and it also tells you the amount of late filing fees (if any) for late filing of TDS return
  3. You can pay the above interest and late filing fees through the link provided in Review & E File tab.

While you may continue to generate FVU File, any Interest, Fee Dues can be Paid @ NSDL Payment Services

Save on Taxes with EZTax
Save on Taxes with EZTax

6. Make a Payment

Choose the service plan and make payment for it.

Two Service plans are offered by us, which are: One Quarter for one FVU Genaration (or) Four Quarters for Four FUV Genarations Up to Success FVU Generation.

7. Upload CSI file

Download Your CSI file

If no errors in your Template you can generate CSI file through the link provided and upload it.

Save on Taxes with EZTax
Save on Taxes with EZTax

8. FVU File Generation

After uploading the CSI file, EZTDS.in will process your data and generate the FVU file will automatically if no errors found in the data provided.

9. Summary of Service

After successful generation of FVU file generation, you will get the service summary page where you can download the PDF, and FVU File, which contains all the details of TDS transactions.

Save on Taxes with EZTax

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