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Virtual Accounting Services (VAS) for SME Businesses

EZTax Virtual Accounting Services are from an experienced, committed team offering virtual accounting functions to manage your accounts payable, accounts receivable, projects, general ledger postings, bank reconciliations, preparation of financial statements, and MIS Reporting* for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Sector.

Our ultimate goal is to be a value addition to your business for making you focus on your core business functions, let us provide the accounting, Tax compliance services.

Virtual Accounting Services

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What Services covered in Virtual Accounting Services?

  1. Bookkeeping for your Business like capturing the invoices both Sales, Purchase side and the voucher entries.
  2. Periodic GST Filing, if applicable.
  3. Monthly TDS Payments, and Quarterly TDS Preparation and Filing.
  4. Bank Statement Reconciliation
  5. Periodic P&L, Balance sheets and other MIS reporting, where applicable.
  6. General guidance, where needed.

How EZTax can help my Small & Medium Business?

  1. Accounting & Tax Experts with up-to-date compliance knowledge
  2. Vast experience in handling SME’s with Taxation & Accounting.
  3. Vetted processes by Sector, example Food Industry, Printing, Trading, Hospitals etc.
  4. Predefined Accounting Calendars with the defined SOP’s for a timely exchange of transactions between EZTax and our Clients.
  5. Customized MIS Reporting for the business to take right decisions.
  6. More than this understanding the culture of Small, Medium Business to help and make it easier for Accounting & Tax Compliance.

How is Pricing ?

Pricing starts from Rs. 1999 / month. Get to know Virtual Accounting Service Plans & Pricing

Complete Solution from

What we do ?

We provide Complete end-end solutions in Income Tax, TDS, GST, Accounting & Registrations for both individuals, and SME businesses through Software, Apps, and Expert Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.I am a new business Owner, what should I do to get on-boarded with ?

For any business maintenance of books of accounts are important to arrive at the profit generated by the business. We do help in maintaining the Books of Accounts, MIS reports, All Statutory Payments, Audit, and other related things.

In most cases, a private limited company, LLP, or a business with more than Rs. 50 Lakhs of income or a progressive business that need to maintain their books for a future investor, it is mandatory to have book keeping.

Just Contact Us, to schedule an appointment and will associate an account representative who will further assist based on the type of business you are in.

2.I have a 2 year old printing business, working with an Accountant already, how can I switch to ?

Joining with will help you relax with confidence that your books are being correctly maintained under the supervision of well experienced accountants. If you are not satisfied with the services of your current Accountant, you can switch to any time of the year.

3.What are the typical documents to be exchanged with on a periodic basis?

The exchange of document depends on the services you would like to avail from If it is accounting services, then all the purchase, sale, bills, journal vouchers, payment vouchers, bank statements etc.

If it is just tax services, then the documents related to your Income, TDS details, Company's P& L, and Balance Sheet etc.,

4.What's a typical Calendar for 1.5Cr turnover company?

Calendar depends on the MIS requirements of the Company and the Volume of the Transactions per day & no of branches across.

5.What are the services included in Virtual Accounting Services?

Services that are to be given during the year, like periodic, fortnight, monthly, quarterly services such as GST, TDS, book keeping, and general guidance

6.What about annual Income Tax Filing and ROC for my company?

Annual compliance such as Income Tax Filing, KYC handling, and ROC (where applicable) are part of the annual compliance service plans

7.Does your accounting service includes GST returns?


8.Does your company file the Tax Returns?

Yes, we do file the Regular Quarterly & Yearly returns for the businesses and yearly return to individuals and others.

9.Can you guide me how to start a Company with the required documentation and registration processes?

Yes, we do guide you for the different registrations required for starting up a Business.

For registering a business or your company, refer Business, Firm, Company Registrations

10.Does your Company represent before the various statutory authorities in the case of Appeals?

Yes, we have a group of professionals capable of providing the services of representation before various statutory authorities but depends on the situation and service. The purpose and pricing for such to be understood and deliberated at that time to have an action plan for such to resolve.

11.Can you explain the benefits of SME Account Outsourcing?

The benefits of SME Account Outsourcing are

  1. Standardized practices for easier communication, collaboration, and coordination of compliance needs.
  2. No longer need to depend on single person managing accounts rather let EZTax experts cover for you.
  3. Information available anytime rather depending on a single person and his/her availability.
  4. Following standard practices defined for your sector you get the peace you deserved as a SME owner.
12.What are the features of SME Account Outsourcing Service?

Virtual Accounting Service plans are similar to Accounting Outsourcing Services and the expectations from the service are

  1. Timely Bookkeeping.
  2. Maintenance of bills, vouchers, and other instruments.
  3. Timely Tax preparation and filing.
  4. Timely MIS reporting.
13.Why not a local Accountant help me rather an outsourced model?
  1. The key differentiation in this model is the standardized best practices with the vast experience in SME segment.
  2. Virtual Accounting Services model reduce the overall cost of compliance.
  3. Unlike an individual CA or an Accountant, we will have backup plans to cover for your needs.
  4. In addition, the services are to use next generation IT Systems that are customized for your specific needs in most cases.

  5. More over, is synonymous to QUALITY .. btw, we are the highest reviewed Online Tax Compliance portal in India with Software & Services.
14.Ok, Great! what is the typical pricing model for SME Account Outsourcing Service?

While it depends on the number of transactions that EZTax need to handle, amount of time to spent on the account, generally, it is around Rs. 1,999 to Rs. 3,999 per month.

15.Interested .. what is required to Start Now?

For most, where applicable below are things that are needed to kickstart VAS ..

  1. Company logo - small square preferred (in png or jpg)
  2. e-mail ID to issue the invoices from
  3. Formal Pvt Ltd / LLP / Business Name
  4. Formal Address
  5. Mobile / Phone number to list on the invoice
  6. Business Website name
  7. List of Services
  8. List of Products (if any)
  9. Invoices so far in zipped form (for the last month)
  10. GST Number (if applicable)
  11. GST Portal user, password (if applicable)
  12. Read only access user email id (for you or your business to access the software)
  13. Bank statement from Apr to till date
  14. Cash expenses so far expense name, date, amount (gst info if available)
  15. Brief on nature of transactions to cover TDS (our team will speak to you)
  16. Any other information

16.What is the VAS Onboarding looks like?

No two businesses are the same .. we understand that and .. communications with the founders / co-founders in startup or early businesses are generally requires maturity in handling .. we understand that too .. hence no single plan fit for all.

At the same time, it's is important to have a structure around the onboarding ..

  1. Our team will discuss to know your business, priorities, and availability
  2. We request initial information to kickstart the VAS .. information required are as follows ..
    1. Company logo - small square preferred (in png or jpg)
    2. e-mail ID to issue the invoices from
    3. Formal Pvt Ltd / LLP / Business Name
    4. Formal Address
    5. Mobile / Phone number to list on the invoice
    6. Business Website name
    7. List of Services
    8. List of Products (if any)
    9. Invoices so far in zipped form (for the last month)
    10. GST Number, GST Portal User, Password (if applicable)
    11. Read only access user email id (for you or your business to access the software)
    12. Bank statement from Apr to till date
    13. Cash expenses so far expense name, date, amount (gst info if available)
    14. Brief on nature of transactions to cover TDS (our team will speak to you)
    15. Any other information
  3. We configure for your business, agree on the communication and a tax calendar to work against
  4. Provide a demo of the software in understanding on how to get the information that is required for you from time to time.
  5. Identify primary Point of Contact (POC) along with the Whatsapp and email id
  6. To keep all on the same page, team to publish a calendar, and major milestones for your business to work around

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