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How to eFile your Income Tax Return?

Understanding the pre-, during-, and post-filing procedures simplifies ITR e-filing. lets you eFile original, belated, and updated returns based on the tax season.

1. Before e-Filing

Documents Required

Must have :
  1. Bank Account details
  2. PAN Number
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Govt. Income Tax Portal Credentials

Good to have :
  1. Form-16, if you have Salary
  2. Rent Receipts
  3. Aadhaar Number

Further to have (Optional) :

House Property :
  1. Co-owner details (PAN)
  2. Home Loan interest certificate
  3. Tenant name and Rental income details

Capital Gains :
  1. Shares: Sale and purchase details
  2. House / Property: Sale price, Purchase price, details of registration and renovation expenses
  3. Mutual funds: Sale and Purchase statements of equity / debt funds, ELSS and SIPs

Other Sources :
  1. Bank / Post office statements
  2. Tax saving bonds, and Corporate bonds
  3. Any other income certificates

2. During e-Filing

Steps in e-Filing

  1. Sign up & Sign in : Visit ITR Portal and Create account to Sign in

  2. Select a Service : Select 'Self Service IT Filing' Service from Dashboard and continue if you want to do it yourself.or Select 'Expert Assisted Tax Filing' Service for our team to do all.

  3. Select your Tax Profile : Select type of income your have for the year.

  4. Get Data from Govt IT Department : Enter your PAN, Date of Birth to add as a Client to and Get Data (personal & income details from ITD Portal)

  5. Change or adjust data : If you have more income, deductions, and or tax paid details than what was received from ITD Portal, adjust based on what you know.

  6. Review before filing : Take a short review before e-filing

  7. Payment before filing : Detailed Income tax payment instructions how to pay tax due before e-filing

  8. Tax Optimizer : Review Tax Optimizer recommendations and plan for next year

  9. e-File your return : If your Tax due is zero, or you have a refund, proceed to e-file.

3. After e-Filing

Verify your Return

  1. Check e-File status : Once e-Filed with EZTax, check your registered e-mail for ITR-V form and check status online @ ITD

  2. eVerify ITR : Now you have 6 options in eVerifying your ITR Online refer instructions

  3. Or Send ITR-V by Post : Receive ITR-V from ITD, Print, Sign & Send it CPC Bangalore.

  4. Check Refund status : Check your Tax Refund status more details

  5. Optimize your Taxes : Check with Experts in optimizing your taxes to Save for the coming year. Check Tax Optimizer

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Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.