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Income Tax Filing Services

Free Tax Filing Software for CAs

Are you a CA, or TRP? Get the FREE access to most advanced tax engine in India for easy, fast efiling of your Client's Income Tax e-Filings. Features include Client Manager, Advanced Reporting, Creative Audit, Auto Uploads, Faster eFiling, Tax Optimizer ...
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GST Services

GST Filing for CAs and Tax Filing Professionals

Are you a CA, or any other Tax Filing professional? Get the access to most advanced Invoicing, Accounting, GST Filing Software in India for easy, fast eFiling of your Client's GST eFilings. Features include Generating & Downloading Invoices, multi-Business, multi-User, Composition, Regular Businesses, Advanced Reporting, Auto Uploads, Faster eFiling...
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Self Service Online IT Filing Benefits on iPad


  • Innovative Questionnaires

  • Real-time Tax Calculation

  • 256 bit SSL Security

  • Intuitive Instant Help

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Multi-Device Support

  • Maximum Deductions

  • Pay nominal for Assisted/Consultation

  • Free Self-Service filing

  • Advanced Audit Checker

  • Secured File Cabinet

  • Live Chat Support

Pricing : Income Tax Filing

Exceptional Service at an affordable Prices. Choose best Tax Service you or your business needs. If you need a service that's available here, no worry, please contact our Support Center

Self Service



Online Self Service for any Income Level, and any source of Income incl Capital Gains, presumptive income. e-File in few minutes and get a comprehensive report

CA Assisted
CA Assisted



Easy Plan

Commission/Contract, Additional House Properties, Additional House Properties, Brought Forward Losses, Foreign Assets

CA Assisted
CA Assisted



Futures & Options, P&L, ESOPs, Business having Annual Turnover of Rs. 2Cr. and not liable for a Tax Audit.

CA Assisted
CA Assisted

Notice Handling


Received a Notice from Income Tax Department? Login, Upload Notice and we will read, review, represent if needed.

  • Covers Notices u/s 139(9), 143(1), 156 and others. Read, Review, prepare the notice response.
  • Price starts from 899. Depends on complexity.
CA Assisted

Pricing: GST Software & Services

Visit our GST Portal for GST Software and CA Service pricing and related product information GST

Why is the BEST ?

 Accurate Tax Calculations

 India's 1st, Save on Taxes Tax Optimizer

 Easy to eFile your Taxes Online

 Comprehensive Analytical PDF Report with every Filing

 Creative Audit - to Reduces Potential IT Notices

 Best Experience - Works on any PC, Smart Mobile

 100% Made in India for India

Client Reviews

  • Chithra Kannan Review on
    Chithra Kannan
    Head Automation & Dev Ops at Thomson Reuters
    EZTax Recognition
      Impeccable, thorough, prompt Assisted Income Tax Filing from gave me the peace I deserved. Though it was at the peak Tax season, they are able to run the right horses in-time to get what is otherwise a complex tax filing.
  • Jaya Prakash Review on
    Jaya Prakash
    Bankok169 Restaurant Chain
    EZTax Recognition
      Virtual Accounting Services from helped us in handling our accounting thorough and up-to-date.
  • Srinivas C Review on
    C Srinivas
    Director-CR, ICFAI Business School
    EZTax Recognition
      Had a great experience in filing my tax with EZTax. It is easy to use with step by step screens. The team provided quick, thorough and friendly support. EZHelp from their Self-Service Tax Filing Solution took care of most of my doubts. One only needs to upload Form 16 in pdf and the software takes care of everything else.
  • Vijay Krishna Review on
    Vijay Krishna V
    Oregon Health & Science University, USA
    EZTax Recognition
      I filed my NRI filing with last year and their support team is the best I experienced so far. Despite I was in USA, they are able to accommodate the communication and coordination.
  • Kirna Ch Review on
    Kiran Chadalavada
    Anuradha Timbers International
    EZTax Recognition
      We choose GST Ready Accounting Services to minimize our dependency on accounting personnel. Over the time, we realized the advantages of their technology platform from GST. Today, I get my P&L, invoices, payables, & receivables on my mobile, and their Entity 360 view helps me up-to-date on the run, and drive right conversation with my stakeholders. Now, we are in the process of transitioning other businesses to

Self-Service ITR filing made Easy

Highest Data Security for Privacy Filing

 256 Bit A+ (Highest Rated) SSL.

 Data resides in ISO 27001 Data Centers

 Data resides on Indian Soil (not in a foreign country)

 End-point / Client Side Security

 Enable Privacy Filing

FAQs on Income Tax Filing

1Advantages of Income Tax filing?

Past decades have observed low Income Tax filing Compliance, during recent years, Govt of India took stringent measures in enforcing the Income Tax Law by linking various benefits for prompt tax filers. Advantages of tax filing including but not limited to

  1. Get the Loans easier
  2. Avoid paying penalties, embarrassments
  3. Get your refund back on the excess tax payments
  4. Hurdle free for Foreign VISA Stamping with IT returns filing
  5. Improve your credit worthiness for future loans
  6. Be a good citizen to contribute in India's growth and get Peace of mind for you and the family.

2Disadvantages in not filing income tax return?

Well, it's the law, but that wasn't enforced in full force in India until recently. Post, Nov 08th 2016, Gov. of India took serious measures in taking the tax filing compliance to new heights. Dis-advantages of not filing your tax return in time are

  1. Rs.10,000 fine for those who do not file their income tax returns (ITR) on time, starting 2018-2019 assessment year(AY).
  2. Rs.5,000 will be imposed for those whose return submitted after the due date.
  3. Rs.1,000 in penalty for small taxpayers with their total income not exceeding Rs.5 Lakh
  4. and Rs.1,000 for late filing of their ITRs
  5. In addition, belated filing may attract many other penalties / restrictions.
  6. Penalties under sections 271F
  7. Interest on due amount of Tax under Sections 234A
  8. Revision of a belated return is not allowed.
  9. Tax Refund without any interest from IT Department
  10. Restriction in not allowing losses to set-off against future income.

3Ok. Got It. What are the documents needed to file my taxes?

While it depends on your sources of Income, for the most it's as simple as your Form-16. Refer below for the list to maximize the deductions and accuracy!

  1. A copy of the previous year’s tax return > to declare any losses and other information.
  2. Your Bank statements > to refer the interest paid to your loans, balances etc.
  3. Your TDS certificates > to include taxes that are already paid to the IT Department.
  4. Your Savings Certificates / Deductions / Donations > to include deductions.
  5. Certificates of Disability in your family > to include deductions
  6. An Interest statement that shows the interest paid to you. > Possibly from Bank and/or Post Office.
  7. In case of having Business income/loss, have Balance sheets, Profit & Loss account statements, and other requisite Audit Reports.

4Great. How much does it cost?

We are unique that we care about your relationship and value we provide. For most users filing with EZTax is FREE. For others, we charge a nominal fee based on the CA consultation if the user seeks it on need basis.

5But my employer want to file on my behalf for a nominal fee. What am I missing?

Employers give the salary and other tax data to tax filers to file in bulk. Due to the way they do the business, many times, they do not engage with you in understanding your tax profile correctly, there by losing the benefit of deductions, and exemptions. In addition, mismatches between Form 26AS and your tax deductions (both salary based and other sources of income) causes you to get IT notices. IT notice resolution may cost you dearly and you may end up in paying excess tax for not considering the all the deductions.

EZTax Maximize your Deductions!!

6Are you a Tax consultant near me ?

  1. has PAN India presence with renowned CA Firms to facilitate Local reach thru innovative technology.
  2. Yes, we are Local Tax Consultant near you.
  3. Our CA Partners are around the country including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Visakhapatnam, and others.

7What about if I am an NRI in USA ?

  1. has been helping both NRIs in USA, UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, South Africa and other parts of the world.
  2. Whether you are a Indian resident, working in a Foreign Country, or a Non-Resident Indian working in India or Foreign Countries such as USA, we are here to help you.

8What's so special about, then?

  1. is most modern online tax engine in India.
  2. File Original, belated, Revised filings covering AY 2017-18*, 2018-19.
  3. Built its product on innovation, experience, to scale to Pan India presence.
  4. Worked with top most CA organizations in the industry, to bring a true self-service tax filing experience.
  5. We have dedicated much of the online screen for instant, intuitive help to make you aware of the benefits in the individual taxation.
  6. We DO NOT divert your income tax filings to Assisted and/or CA Plans unlike other competitors in the market.
  7. Our pricing model is clear & FREE for Self Service Income Tax Filings, charge nominal fee for CA assisted plans, we do not change the price based on your income levels.
  8. EZTax is the only income tax filing software that provides Audit Checker to reduce the IT notices *
  9. EZTax built its infrastructure to keep the data in India, unlike other foreign companies.