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Why choose EZTax.in for your Tax needs?

EZTax.in is most reliable, highest reviewed, Single Window Online Tax Compliance Platform for both IT, TDS & GST thru Software & Expert Services in India.

Learn EZTax's online platform and expert services. How it helps you with Income tax, TDS GST, virtual accounting, and company compliance. The advantage EZTax and why?

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8+ years of excellence in tax compliance services
Serving NRIs from 39+ countries around the world
Proud to maintain highest service rating among Indian Online Tax Compliance Portals
India's 1st Tax Optimiser to help you save in taxes and introducing crypto tax filing solution

Comprehensive Software & Expert Services

Use our portal to do it your self (Self Service) OR have our expert team do it for you.

We have no financial business other than taxes, unlike other market players who may have a conflict of interest with your data by having stock broking business, MF reselling or crypto data agreements

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide exceptional service, in case you are not satisfied, we will provide an unconditional refund of EZTax.in Expert Assisted IT Filing fee you paid.

Best Software & Services

4.9 Ratings across 39,900+ Users, Free* Online Self Service ITR Filing, Best Online GST Accounting & Returns Software - 30 day free, Affordable Assisted Tax Expert Services

Highest Data Security

Self Service Portal offer 256 Bit A+ Grade (Highest Rated) SSL, Data resides in ISO 27001 Indian Data Centers, Enable Privacy Filing

Working with the best in delivering exceptional services

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Other way to understand about EZTax.in is to ask few simple questions .. let's try this.

1. What are the problems that EZTax.in Portal is trying to Solve ?

Income Tax and GST are two taxes most common taxes levied on direct income and goods / services purchased in India. Taxes are generally Complex and not every person may understand them due to various reasons.

To pay and file Income Tax in India, there are very few brands / companies who are committed and affordable. The professionals who help fairly unorganised and lack technology adoption, due to which an individual taxpayer has to go thru hassles in getting their taxes done.

Similarly, on GST front, very few brands who are committed in bringing both Software & Services under one roof to help the businesses. Today only 19% * of the SMEs are adopting technology for taxes that too early stage. Most SMEs are still depending on unorganised services by professionals around the country.

"In essence, there are No or Low number of Tax Solutions that are quality oriented, affordable & works through both Software & Expert Services in the Market"

2. How EZTax.in is trying to fill the gap in Tax Compliance Market ?

EZTax.in built a reliable Single Window Online Tax Compliance Platform for both IT, TDS & GST thru Software & Expert Services. EZTax.in Helping Pan-India and NRIs residing in 39+ Countries as of today.

Complete EZTax.in Solution

1. Cloud Subscription based Software
Both Web & Mobile App enabled, Straight-thru, Comprehensive solution even for novice Taxpayer / SME user to provide Self Service Solutions for IT Filing, Billing, Accounting, GST Returns, TDS Filing.
  1. EZTax.in ITR Online Software: Self Service Income Tax Filing (100% STP) Software
  2. EZTax.in Books Online Software: Next Gen GST Accounting & Filing Online Software
  3. EZTDS.in: TDS Preparation Online Software

2. Expert Tax Services
For those who like to use our expert services team can avail thru our multi-Channel platform (Web Application, Chat, Phone, eMail etc.)
  1. Income Tax, TDS, GST Filings
  2. Virtual Accounting (VAS)
  3. Company/Firm and other Business Registrations like IEC, PT, Shops & Establishment, Food licence, Trade Licence etc
  4. Company Compliances, LLP Compliances etc
  5. Notice Handling

3. What is EZTax.in ITR Online Software Product and who get benefit from ?

EZTax.in ITR Product is an Online Self Service Income Tax Return preparation and eFiling Solution for Indian taxpayers. It not only useful for Individuals but also professionals like Tax Consultants (TRPs, CAs, CMAs, CSs, Advocates, BCom, MCom and others) who like to prepare and file their taxes in India.

Most advanced Income Tax Engine in India, enables a true self service, straight-thru income tax filing experience, including many India’s 1st features.

  1. Refund Recommendation Engine: Refund recommendation engine introduced from FY 2020-21 tax filings to identify the best refund between Old vs New Tax Regime.
  2. Only App that can auto read thru PDF and Camera
  3. EZHelp: Field-by-Field help, helps Taxpayer taking the right decisions. Helps file taxes without prior knowledge
  4. Never-Lost: Intelligent search to find a questionnaire or field based on a keyword entered by a tax consultant or a taxpayer, speeding up work.
  5. Express Filing: Makes EZ, Fast, Reduce mistakes
  6. Tax Optimiser: Reduces Tax, Increase Tax Saving Investments
  7. Highest Security: Enables Privacy Filing, Data Resides in India, 256-bit encryption and no sharing of financial data to portals like Google or Facebook
  8. Creative Audit: Reduces potential IT notices, Brings Peace of mind
  9. Faster e-Filing: Close to real time eFiling rather than a batch processing.
  10. Comprehensive Draft: Generates a taxpayer friendly, easy-to-read Tax computation report, even a normal taxpayer can understand.
  11. Best User experience: Built with highest design standards, Brings best online experience
  12. Works in both browser based and thru App
  13. Best Reviewed Portal in India, and only ITR Portal / App that's Free* & Comprehensive
EZTax ITR App Review Screen

4. What's so special about EZTax.in Self Service ITR Software, then?

  1. EZTax.in is most modern online tax engine in India.
  2. File Original, belated, Revised filings covering FY 2019-20, 2020-21 and other years through Expert Services.
  3. Files Updated Returns from FY 2020-21 and subsequent years
  4. Files Defective Returns from FY 2020-21 and subsequent years
  5. Built its product on innovation, experience, to scale to Pan India presence.
  6. Worked with top most tax experts in the industry, to bring a true self-service tax filing experience.
  7. We have dedicated much of the online screen for instant, intuitive help to make you aware of the benefits in the individual taxation.
  8. We DO NOT divert your income tax filings to Assisted and/or Tax Expert Plans unlike other competitors in the market.
  9. Our pricing model is clear & it starts with Free* to easy plans for Self Service Income Tax Filings, charge nominal fee for Expert Assisted plans, we do not change the price based on your income levels, assure you for best & lowest pricing.
  10. EZTax is the only income tax filing software that provides Audit Checker to reduce the IT notices *
  11. EZTax built its infrastructure to keep the data in India, unlike other foreign companies.

5.What is EZTax.in Books Software Product and who get benefit from ?
EZTax Books Accounting Free for one year

EZTax.in Books is a Comprehensive Online GST ready Accounting Software for Small & Medium Businesses (SMEs) of type Composition, Regular, Export, Import, Trading, Retail Merchants, Professionals who render services.

  1. Works on both PC, Desktop browser, on Mobile, or using Mobile App
  2. Only GST App that's Comprehensive in the Indian market
  3. Billing, Invoicing, Accounting, GST Returns, Bank Reconciliation, Analytics

Check this introduction video explaining EZTax.in Books Software features.

6.What are the EZTax.in Books Online Software features ?

While there a re close to 100+ features covering complete functionality for an SME Business, below are major tracks of functionality with EZTax.in Books Online GST ready Accounting Software.

  1. Sales Cycles: Tax Invoices, Bills, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, Payments, Auto Invoice delivery, RCM Sales, Advance Adjustment, Sales Report, Customer Receivables
  2. Purchase Cycle: Purchase Invoices, Purchase Orders, Import Purchases, RCM Purchase, Advance Adjustment, Purchase Report, Credit / Debit Note, Supplier Payments
  3. GST Compliance: GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 4, GSTR 7, GST Annual Return
  4. Analytics: Product 360, Customer 360, Supplier 360, Context aware, Intuitive Analytics, Barcode Integration
  5. Inventory: Product Creation, Stock Adjustments, Inventory Reporting, Pick List Reporting, Barcode integration
  6. Integrations: Amazon Seller Central, Flipkart Seller Hub, Google Drive, Bar Code Scanners, Excel, eWay Bill ++
  7. Masters: Company, Customers, Suppliers, Products, Contacts
  8. Reporting: P&L, Balance Sheet, Transactions, Ageing of Debtors, Creditors, Auto Daily Business Reports
EZTax Books Accounting in a PC

7.Why to choose EZTax.in Books Online Software for my business ?
EZTax Books Accounting Value for your Business

EZTax.in introduced many India's 1st Unique innovative features to help SMEs through its technology, expertise, passion, and localisation.

  1. Productivity – 30% less Clicks
  2. Daily Business Reporting (DBR)
  3. Bank agnostic Reconciliation
  4. AI Accounting Alerts
  5. Amazon / Flipkart / eComm Integrations
  6. Auto Invoice Delivery
  7. Entity 360 Reporting
  8. Analytics
  9. True Cloud Accounting (App + Browser)

8.What is EZTax.in Mission, Vision ?

Mission: To be a Trusted Advisor for both Individuals & Small Businesses


  1. Easiest Tax Compliance Platform
  2. Sustainable SMB echo system
  3. Awesome Service


  1. Right Strategy
  2. Innovation
  3. Mobile First

EZTax Services

A note on Communication with EZTax.in

IMPORTANT: Our Services are 100% Online. We operate ONLY from one Location (Manikonda, Hyderabad) and No Branches anywhere in India.

Copying, imitating, using our identity and/or registered trademarks, copyrighted material, IP is a Violation of multiple Indian and International Laws and are punishable at the maximum extent.

How to Verify that the communication IS from EZTax.in?

If a Tax Consultant or an Individual or a business / firm imitate as "EZTax" .. kindly check their authenticity using our chat window at the end of this screen for us to quickly verify whether they have called from EZTax.in Mobile / Landline or not.

Our prime client communication is mostly through the email and is from our domain "@eztax.in". We give a Tax Invoice for every Re. you paid for the Service(s) rendered by us.

Our Consultants, Affiliates, or Partners cannot call you directly except through the company registered numbers and or approved times / situations. If any question and/or concern .. kindly drop an email to escalations@eztax.in or call to board number @ +91 7288 900 900 to take appropriate action and or to improve our services. We care about our relationship with you as a Client.

How to get help from EZTax.in

Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.