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Income Tax Filing Service Plans & Pricing

Income Tax Service Plans, Best & Lowest Pricing for those who need expert assisted income tax filing for various scenarios. Service plans from Single, multiple Form 16s, Capital Gains, Presumptive, Business, Firm, to more complicated Share Trading, Company, AOP, NRI, Foreign Taxes for individuals and businesses, covering Original, Belated, Revised, Defective & Updated for upto AY 2024-25, and tax compliance issue resolution for previous years.

Exceptional Service at an affordable Prices. Choose best Income Tax Filing Service you or your business needs. If you need a service that is not available here, no worry, please contact our Support Center to get a customized fee quote with best & lowest pricing.

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Income Tax Filing & Other Plan Details

  Self Service ITR Filing
from   Rs.0
Online Self Service for any income level, any source of income from Salary to Capital Gains, Foreign, Crypto income. e-File in minutes, get a comprehensive report

S0 — Free Service, Other Services — starts from Rs. 299 + GST
Expert Assisted - EASY
Actual Price  Rs. 999 ( -10% Offer)

Single Form-16, Single House Property, Agriculture Income, Saving A/C, Exempt Income, Dividends, < 50L Income
Expert Assisted - MEDIUM
Actual Price  Rs. 1800 ( -20% Offer)

Easy Plan

Commission/Contract, Additional House Properties, Additional Form 16s, Brought Forward Losses, < 50L Income

Expert Assisted - COMPLEX
Actual Price  Rs. 3800 ( -15% Offer)

Medium Plan

Capital Gains (Equity, Fixed Assets). Arrears of Salary if any priced @ Rs. 3499
from Rs.990 *
Actual Price  Rs.  1100  ( -10% Offer)

Business having Annual Turnover up to Rs. 2Cr. and not liable for a Tax Audit. Profession turnover below Rs. 50L. No Balance Sheet.
Actual Price  Rs.  4200  ( -5% Offer)

Individual business income with or without Audit that requires a Balance Sheet. CA audit will be performed if turnover is more than specified limits. Additional pricing applicable for Audit.
Partnership Firm IT Filing
Actual Price  Rs.  5774  ( -5% Offer)

Partnership Firm Income tax filing with or without audit. Tax Audit will be performed if turnover is above specified limits
NRI / Foreign Income IT Filing
from Rs.1950*
Actual Price  Rs.  2500  ( -22% Offer)

Indian living abroad with an Income from India, ESOPs. Resident Indian or Foreigner with an Income from India. Resident with Global income priced from Rs. 4960 + GST
Future & Options (FO) ITR
Actual Price  Rs.  4700  ( -16% Offer)

Future & Options (FO) and Intraday Annual Turnover of Rs. 5Cr. and not liable for a Tax Audit. Multiple Brokers.
Tax Audit pricing based on turnover, see plan details.
Cryptos & Bitcoins ITR
from Rs.4927
Actual Price  Rs.  5599  ( -12% Offer)

Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Gains / Losses along with other income.
Updated Return u/s 139(8A)
from Rs.1481*
Actual Price  Rs.  1899  ( -22% Offer)

Like to file ITR for earlier years either to update or file a original return?
Defective Notice u/s 139(9)
from Rs.999*
Market Price  Rs.  1499  

Received Defective ITR Notice?
Notice Handling
from Rs.995*
Actual Price  Rs.  1199  ( -17% Offer)

Received a Notice from Income Tax Department? Login, Upload Notice and we will read, review, represent if needed.

Covers Notices u/s 139(9), 143(1), 156 and others. Read, Review, prepare the notice response.

Price starts from Rs. 995. if Income > 50L or NRI, Foreign Income, starts from Rs. 1499. Depends on complexity.
Tax Consultation
from Rs.999*
Market Price  Rs.  1499  

Choose for cases like Capital Gains Handling, Reinvestment Options, Late IT Filing, Revised IT Filing, Undisclosed Income, Tax Investigations, Handling IT Notice, IT Audit

Expert Advice, Preliminary Call to analyze, and a Scheduled Consultation Call for a max of 1 Hr.

Private Ltd or LLP Company Fillings
from Rs.11826
Actual Price  Rs.  13439  ( -12% Offer)

Company or LLP, CA Audit with 3CA, 3CD, ROC filing with Confirmation.

Expert Advice, Preliminary Call to analyze, and a Scheduled Consultation Call

Form 15CA, 15CB Filing
from Rs.3921
Actual Price  Rs.  4559  ( -14% Offer)

Consultation and guidance on applicability of Form 15CA, 15CB, and preparation of forms and filing for the banker or financial institution to approve the transfer of money
Form 13 Filing (Nil / Lower TDS Deduction)
Actual Price  Rs.  5129  ( -14% Offer)

Consultation, guidance on the need for Form 13, computation of Tax liability, Filing Form 13 with Traces for Nil / Lower TDS / TCS deduction when selling a property
Scrutiny Notice u/s 148 Response Service
Market Price  Rs.  5499  ( -37% Offer)

Guidance, preparation of response to scrutiny notice u/s 148A, 148, 142(1), 143(2),144, 133 etc

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Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.