Belated eFiling Started for AY 2017-18

EZTax Assisted Tax Filing Service

While Tax is a complex subject for the most, EZTax Experts are here to help you with ease. Look no further when you are dealing with IT returns. Whether it is Multiple house properties, Business Income, Capital Gains, Clubbing Income, Foreign Income, ESOPs, Original, Belated, Revised with respect to a IT Notice, or any of the tax saving investments, we are here to help you!
Save on Taxes with EZTax

1. Create an Account

Click on Sign In button, Create an Account and provide your details. (You will need an e-mail, and a mobile number in order to create an account.)

We will send a verification link in an eMail. Click on the link to Sign In to

Save on Taxes with EZTax
Save on Taxes with EZTax

2. Select Assisted Tax Filing

Click on "Assisted Tax Filing" button in the Dashboard, and choose the type of tax return and other options before hitting Continue.

3. Provide Personal Info

Provide your Personal infomation and your Permanent or Current Address.

Save on Taxes with EZTax
Save on Taxes with EZTax

4. Select an Express Profile & Upload Documents

Choose an Express Profile that suits your need and continue

Upload files into appropriate forms and continue

5. Make a Payment

Make a payment, using any of the methods - ( Debit card / Net Banking / Wallet / UPI /... )

After Payment you will be redirected to Service Confirmation, and an email with the service confirmation.

Save on Taxes with EZTax

6. Expert review and eFile

Our CA expert will review your documents, and reach you if necessary before filing the IT Return. An email with eFile status and an acknowledgement number will be sent to your eMail.