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Health Insurance Tax Deduction Calculator (80D)

Tax Calculator to find maximum health insurance tax deduction eligible up to Rs. 1,00,000 under Section 80D for AY 2019-20 onwards, covering the expenses related to Health insurance premium paid, Preventive health check-up fees paid, Medical Expenditure paid for self, spouse, or children, either of parents

While this document covers 'Calculation of health insurance tax deduction', learn more on Taxability of Employer-Provided Medical Expenses.

Health insurance cover for self and family premium paid not only buys the health cover but also help in saving your taxes.  Updated per latest Interim Budget 2024

  Calculate Health Insurance Deduction
Assessment Year
Self & FamilyParents Family
Health Insurance Premium paid
Health Insurance premium paid for Sr. Citizen
Preventive Health check-up paid
Medical Expenditure paid on the health

Health Insurance Deduction Rules & Limits

Health Insurance Limits for Assessment Year 2019-20 onwards

  1. A max of Rs. 1,00,000 /- can be deducted from Section 80D
  2. Rs. 50,000 for medical expenditure of a assessee can be deducted in the absence of a mediclaim. Overall a max cap of Rs. 50,000 for your Family.
  3. Plus, another Rs. 50,000 for medical expenditure can be deducted for your parents family.

  4. Deduction under Section 80D is not allowed for payment through cash.
  5. Senior Citizen : An individual who attains the age of 60 years during a financial year.
  6. Super Senior Citizen : An individual who attains the age of 80 years during a financial year.

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Health Insurance FAQs

1.What is Section 80D?

Section 80D allows the deduction for the Health Insurance premium or money spent on Medical Expenditure for self and parents.

2.What are the deductions covered u/s 80D?

The following are the deductions covered u/s 80D.

  1. Health Insurance Premium
  2. Contribution to Central Government health scheme
  3. Any Health Scheme as may be notified by Central Govt ( Contributory health Service Scheme of the Department of Atomic Energy has been notified by the Central Govt )

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3.What are the modes of payment to claim u/s 80D?

For claiming deduction u/s 80D, the payment modes should be as follows

  1. For Preventive Health Check-up : Any mode including Cash
  2. For Health Insurance Premium or Contributions to Health Scheme : Any Mode other than Cash
4.What is quantum of deductions available to individual u/s 80D?
Self below 60 year and Parents below 60 yearsSelf below 60 years and Parents above 60 yearsSelf above 60 years and Parents above 60 years
Self, Spouse and Dependent Children25000 (Premium + Preventive Health Check-up)25000 (Premium + Preventive Health Check-up)50000 (Premium + Preventive Health Check-up)
Parents25000 (Premium + Preventive Health Check-up)50000 (Premium + Preventive Health Check-up)50000 (Premium + Preventive Health Check-up)
Total Deduction5000075000100000
5.Can HUF's also avail Tax Exemption u/s 80D?

Yes, HUF can also claim Tax Exemption u/s 80D.

The maximum deduction available to HUF is Rs 25,000 in case of premium paid to insure the health of any member and Rs 50,000 in case premium is paid for Senior Citizen

6.I am 65 years old Senior Citizen and unable to get any Health Insurance policy. Do I get any benefit u/s 80D?

As a welfare measure, Resident Senior Citizens with the age of 60 years or more can claim the medical expenditure if no premium has been paid. The maximum deduction allowed is Rs 50,000.

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7.I have paid Lumpsum Health Insurance payment in 1 year, How can I claim the benefit u/s 80D?

If you have paid the Health Insurance Premium in lumpsum for more than 1 year, the premium can be claimed proportionately for number of years paid

8.My Employer has provided Group Health Insurance Policy; Can I claim this premium as deduction u/s 80D?

No, Premium paid under Group Health Insurance Policies cannot be claimed as deduction u/s 80D

9.My Parents are not dependent on me; Can I claim deduction u/s 80D for the premium paid towards Parents?

Yes, you can claim deduction u/s 80D irrespective of whether parents are dependant or not

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10.My Children are not dependant on me, Can I claim deduction u/s 80D for premium paid?

No, Deduction u/s 80D can be claimed only for Dependent Children

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