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Mobile Tax Apps for Income Tax Filing, GST Accounting

Official EZTax.in Mobile Tax Apps page to download & help you or your organization to file Income Tax Returns (ITR), run your business through GST Invoicing, Billing, Accounting, & GST Filings. Also download apps such as HSN/SAC smart code search, e-Way Bill on this page for FREE

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Self Service or Do-it-yourself (DIY) Tax Filing, Compliance, Invoicing & Accounting

Income Tax eFiling
Original or Revised
Finish in 7 mins
100% free
GST Accounting
Billing, Inventory, Returns
Start in 7 mins
1 Year Free Subscription

Finest Mobile Apps built on Android platform covering both Direct and In-direct Taxes. Choose the one that suits your personal / business need

  1. Income Tax Return, ITR eFiling App
  2. GST ready Accounting, Invoicing & Returns App
  3. Smart Search App for HSN/SAC Codes
  4. e-Way Bill App

1. Income Tax Return, ITR eFiling App

EZTax is 100% FREE, Comprehensive, intuitive, and optimized Income Tax Retun (ITR) eFiling App with online questionnaire to filing taxes for any income level including multiple Form16s, agriculture income, investments, Tution income, Commissions, House Property, Futures and Options (F & Os), Capital Gains, Business Income, Foreign Income, Assets, Arrears, Pension, and chapter VI-A Deductions.

We made efiling EZ, and a valuable experience! Start 100% FREE Original IT Return for AY 2021-22 Or Revised for the same year to prepare your Original Tax Return

  1. Self Service Online Income Tax Retun(ITR) eFiling
  2. Express Filing
  3. Snap / Upload your Form-16
  4. Tax Optimizer
  5. Creative Audit gives you peace of mind
  6. Secure File Manager
  7. Fastest e-File

Get EZTax.in ITR Filing App for AY 2021-22 on Google Play Android

2. GST ready Accounting, Invoicing & Returns App

GST Ready Cloud Accounting Solution built for Small and medium business (SMB) in India to prepare GST Compliant Billing, Invoicing, Maintaining Books, preparing GST Returns, manage your expenses, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Analytics that let you know how well your business is doing real-time

EZTax.in GST Online Accounting App can be used to do all the things you would do on a PC browser but with greater convenience. With single subscription, you can use both on PC browser and on Mobile

  1. Dashboard Business Insights
  2. Invoicing – Faster and effortless
  3. more customized Invoicing, Billing with Logos, Signatures, auto delivery of invoices
  4. Printing – multiple options
  5. Expenses, Purchases, POs, Vouchers
  6. GST Returns - 1, 2A, 3B
  7. 360 Views for Customers, Suppliers, Products
  8. Ageing Reports
  9. seamless integration for e-Way Bill, Amazon, Flipkart, Barcode Scanners
  10. eMail, SMS Integration
  11. Lots of other features such as Bank account reconciliation, export, import invoicing etc.

Get EZTax.in GST App on Google Play Android

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Satisfaction Guaranteed on EZTax.in Services

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Satisfaction Guaranteed on EZTax.in Services

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