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Finest Mobile Apps built on Android platform covering both Direct and In-direct Taxes.

  1. Income Tax Return, ITR eFiling App
  2. GST ready Accounting, Invoicing & Returns App
  3. Smart Search App for HSN/SAC Codes
  4. e-Way Bill App

1. Income Tax Return, ITR eFiling App

EZTax is 100% FREE, Comprehensive, intuitive, and optimized Income Tax Retun (ITR) eFiling App with online questionnaire to filing taxes for any income level including multiple Form16s, agriculture income, investments, Tution income, Commissions, House Property, Futures and Options (F & Os), Capital Gains, Business Income, Foreign Income, Assets, Arrears, Pension, and chapter VI-A Deductions.

We made efiling EZ, and a valuable experience! Start 100% FREE belated, or revised now for 2017-18, 2018-19!!

  1. Self Service Online Income Tax Retun(ITR) eFiling
  2. Express Filing
  3. Snap / Upload your Form-16
  4. Tax Optimizer
  5. Creative Audit gives you peace of mind
  6. Secure File Manager
  7. Fastest e-File

Get ITR Filing App for AY 2018-2019 on Google Play Android

2. GST ready Accounting, Invoicing & Returns App

GST Ready Cloud Accounting Solution built for Small and medium business (SMB) in India to prepare GST Compliant Billing, Maintaining Books, preparing GST Returns, manage your expenses, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Analytics that let you know how well your business is doing real-time GST Online Accounting App can be used to do all the things you would do on a PC browser but with greater convenience. With single subscription, you can use both on PC browser and on Mobile

  1. Dashboard Business Insights
  2. Invoicing – Faster and effortless
  3. more on Invoicing, Billing
  4. Printing – multiple options
  5. Expenses, Purchases, Vouchers
  6. GST Returns
  7. 360 Views for Customers, Suppliers, Products
  8. Ageing Reports
  9. Lots of other features such as Bank account reconciliation, export, import invoicing etc.

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3. Smart Search App for HSN/SAC Codes- Simple, Easy, Faster

Type few letters to get the list of products, and click on the most appropriate item to get the HSN/SAC Codes, GST Rates including SGST, CGST, IGST along with specific conditions published by the Government of India.

Get HSN-SAC App on Google Play Android

4. e-Way Bill App - Simple, Easy, Convenient

Easiest way to send e-Way Bill request thru SMS and get response in few seconds.

e-Way Bill is a mandatory process for every registered person who causes movement of goods of consignment value exceeding Rs. 50,000 in relation to supply; or reasons other than supply; or inward supply from unregistered person shall generate e-way bill. It means, the consignor or consignee, as a registered person or a transporter of the goods can generate the e-way bill. The unregistered transporter can enroll on the common portal and generate the e-way bill for movement of goods for his clients.

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