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Free Tax Filing Software for CAs, Tax Return Preparers (TRP)

Get the best for lowest pricing beyond Free-tier for IT filing in India!

Deep discounted pricing for Tax Professionals who file bulk Income Tax Returns.

How it will help you?

Compared to typical filing you are going thru year over year, thru paid software, Excels, utilities etc. EZTax.in solution is Online, works anywhere, anytime, any device, with ease of use ... BTW: including on your mobiles. EZTax.in makes your filing faster, cheaper, bring efficiency and your client satisfaction.

EZTax Features

  • Client Manager part of dashboard, let's you manage all of your clients from one screen
  • 100% Straight through Process (STP), you no longer need to sign in to your Client's Income Tax eFiling Login to File their taxes
  • Auto Reads most of the Form16 in PDF and image formats, an India's 1st Feature.
  • Show how your Client can save on their Taxes thru Tax Optimizer an automated savings engine that saves your time during peak hours and reduce common mistakes in your recommendations.
  • Auto Reads Form26AS, and all of its components.
  • Creative Audit solution checks and makes ITR error free all before filing your client's tax return, gives peace of mind for you and your client.
  • Tax Savings: India's 1st Online Tax Optimizer Solution to recommend tax saving options for your Clients.
  • EZHelp: While EZHelp is to help your clients, you may switched on/off based on your preference, may help you if you are fresh from CA graduation.
  • Highest Security Standards: We are either 1st to offer or very few to offer 256-bit encryption, and our Clients data resides in India with the best data centers in the world.
  • Online: no need to download the software, upgrade every year, works anywhere, anytime, any device such as pad, smart phone, laptop, or PC.
  • Call / Chat / eMail options are convenient way to connect.

Requirements for you to get the access?

Send below to support@eztax.in for authenticating the use of our software and get started quickly

  1. Create an Account using your email-id
  2. Send the email-id, your PAN Card photo, and

  3. One of the below.
    • CA COP Number or
    • TRP Credentials

What kind of Tax Returns can be bulk filed?

ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4 for AY 2020-21 and for both Individual and HUF segments.

1st 30 ITRs100% Free
Between 31 to 10030 *
* per filing

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