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Why EZTax.in GST is the BEST ?

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Quick GST FAQs

1. What is GST?

Goods and Services Taxes (GST), is an Indirect tax, applicable on sale of Goods and Services. Multiple taxes like VAT, Service Tax, etc are subsumed into GST.

2. Who and when an entity has to register?

Every entity whose taxable supply of Goods or Services or both exceeds the threshold limit has to be registered for GSTIN.

StateThresholdTime Limit
North Eastern States10 Lakhswithin 30 days from the date on which he become liable to registration
Rest of India20 Lakhswithin 30 days from the date on which he become liable to registration
3. Advantages of GST?

  1. Tax paid to Central Government (IGST) can be claimed as input. Removes double taxation.
  2. Fixed tax rates. The CGST and SGST are to be paid to the accounts of the central and states respectively.
  3. Exports will be zero rated, unlike the present system where refund of some taxes is not allowed due to fragmented nature of indirect taxes between the Centre and the States.
  4. Transparent tax system. Enhances transparency in the indirect tax framework and is expected to bring down the rate of inflation.
  5. Subsumed multiple taxes like VAT, ST, etc. No confusion on applicable taxation.

4. What about the Registration Process?

  1. Send an email to support@eztax.in or call @ +91 7288 900 900 or Chat Online @ EZTax.in to get started your GST Registration
  2. Steps in Final GSTIN
    • TRN: Once the new user has registered in gst.gov.in , the entity will get a TRN (Temporary Reference Number) .
    • ARN: the entity will get the ARN (Application Reference Number), after successful submission of GST Registration Application.
    • GSTIN: After submitting the form, government will issue GSTIN number after due verification of the information with the respective state, central authorities.
  3. After payment with EZTax.in, you will be receiving TRN, and ARN, generally with in 48 hours.

5. Ok. Got It. What are the documents needed for GST registration?

  1. PAN Card.
  2. Aadhaar card where ever possible.
  3. Digital Signature in case of companies and LLP.
  4. Valid mobile number and Email ID.
  5. Photograph of Proprietor, partners, authorized signatories.
  6. Registration Certificate obtained under earlier Tax laws.
  7. Proof of appointment of authorized signatory and their personal details.
  8. Proof of principal place of business (in addition, recommended to have Electricity Bill)
  9. Opening page of Bank statement held in name of Business or Proprietor.

6. Due dates for GST returns?

Every entity who has registered under GST has to file GST return within due dates. Check the below table for knowing the due dates,

Return FormDescriptionDue Date
GSTR 3BInitial Monthly Return of outward supplies and inward suppliesWithin 20th of succeeding Tax period
GSTR 1Sales: Furnishing details of outward suppliesGenerally within 10th of succeeding Tax period, but the dates are to be further announced.
GSTR 2Purchases: Furnishing details of inward suppliesGenerally within 15th of succeeding Tax period, but the dates are to be further announced.
GSTR 3Monthly Return after finalization of outward supplies and inward suppliesDates not announced yet
7. Great. How much does it cost?

We are unique that we care about your relationship and value we provide. Utilize our promotional offer of 30 day FREE Trial & 70% OFF on Yearly Subscription in utilizing the GST Self Service, this includes maintaining the books, invoicing, and Returns. For others, we charge a nominal fee based on the CA assistance, and consultation if the user seeks it on a need basis.

8. What's so special about EZTax GST, then?

  1. Easy to Setup - Upload Customers & Products
  2. Easy Invoice and Purchase entries
  3. Enables GST Compliance
  4. Easy GST Compliant Printing & Sharing of Invoices
  5. Auto Preparation of GST Return Data, no matter whether you are a Regular or Composition Business

  6. EZTax GST is most modern online GST return Filing Software in India.
  7. Upload your Excel or prepare customized Invoices for select countries
  8. Built its product on innovation, experience, to scale to global SMEs
  9. Worked with top most CA organizations in the industry, to bring a true self-service GST return Filing experience.
  10. We DO NOT divert your GST return Filings to Assisted and/or CA Plans unlike other competitors in the market.
  11. Our pricing model is clear, 30 day FREE Trial & 70% OFF on Yearly Subscription for SME GST Self Service Book Keeping, Invoicing, Return Filings, we charge nominal fee for CA Assisted GST plans, we do not change the price based on your business income.
  12. EZTax GST is the only GST return Filing software that provides iValidator to make sure error free Filings *

Data Security with EZTax.in

Highest Data Security for Privacy Filing

  • 256 Bit A+ (Highest Rated) SSL.
  • Data resides in ISO 27001 Data Centers
  • End-point / Client Side Security
  • Enable Privacy Filing