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Self Service (DIY) Income Tax Filing made Easy

Free—to—Easy Plans

eFile in ~7 mins
Save On Taxes

EZTax self-service tax efiling allows for e-filing in ~7 minutes, eliminating the need for professional assistance. EZTax is the only portal in India that provides step-by-step advice through its EZHelp feature to make filing easy.

India's 1st Tax Optimiser gives you a report on tax-saving investments and a preliminary estimate of your next-year savings in addition to e-filing your ITR. Start now.

EZtax ITR Online eFiling Software in iPhone

1. Self Service Pricing Plans

Prepare your income tax return for free and choose service plans to efile based on your income profile and ITR complexity. Pricing varies from free to easy plans. All prices are excluding GST.

Quick Plan, Pricing Table

PlanIncome Source & IncomeITR FormPrice*
S0Ordinary Income, < Rs. 5 LakhsFree
S1Ordinary / Business Income, > Rs. 5 Lakhs 299
S2NRI / Capital Gains / Trading / Business, < Rs. 5 Lakhs 499
S3NRI / Capital Gains / Trading / Business, > Rs. 5 Lakhs 999
S4S3 + Foreign Income 1299
S5S4 + Crypto Income 1499

* all prices are in INR, excluding GST

Self Service Plan, Pricing Details

2. How to get help from EZTax.in

3. Client Ratings

An aggregate rating of 4.9 out of 5 user rating, based on 39,900+ user ratings
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5. How to start Self Service Income Tax Filing

5.1. Select Self Service

New Service Selection Screen in EZTax.in ITR

Select the Self-Service IT Filing service from the dashboard after the creation of an account (refer How to create a EZTax.in Account for IT Filing?) and login. Select appropriate options (Refer How to select a Service to File Income Tax Return?).

Once the ITR due date is over, you have an opportunity to select "Belated" IT Return up to the revision period for an assessment year. (For eg., Mar 31st 2022 for FY 2020-21 or AY 2021-22). Other Return types available to use are "Original", "Revised".

5.2. Add EZTax.in as authorised e-Return Intermediary (e-RI)

Tax Profile Screen in EZTax.in ITR

If you are already having an Govt. IT Dept Portal account, only PAN and Date of Birth is required for adding you as a Client followed by OTP consent. Here by giving consent you understand that EZTax (e-Return Intermediary) can access your data available with the Income Tax Department for Income Tax Return preparation purposes or for any related status updates.

5.3. Select a Profile

Tax Profile Screen in EZTax.in ITR

Introducing Express filing, a unique feature in filing your taxes where the tax engine will ask the relevant questions based on your profile, whether you are a salaried employee, trader, etc. It's that EZ (easy)!

Select your profile, EZTax will refine your questionnaires for you. More @ How to select Tax Profile while IT Filing ?

5.4. Snap your Form-16 and Upload

Form 16 Upload Screen in EZTax.in ITR
Starting from FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23), Form 16 is no longer needed as the salary data can be fetched directly from income tax department using PAN, Date of Birth and your OTP. much simpler in e-filing your ITR. Use 'Online' option in the Welcome Screen of EZTax.in after taking the self service.

Smart. Intuitive. Convenient. Choice. We auto read your Form 16 many ways to reduce your data key in.

  1. Take a Photo and Upload an Image,
  2. Upload a Form-16 PDF
  3. Simple Salary Questionnaire from Form-16
  4. In addition, select the relevant questionnaires for Interest Income, House Property, Business & Profession, Capital Gains, Exempt Income, Other Income, Clubbing Income, Foreign Income, Deductions, Taxes Paid, Advance Tax, Self-Assessment Tax

More help on How to declare Income from Salary & House Property?

5.5. Review Salary

Multiple Salary Addition Screen in EZTax.in ITR

Review Salary information that was uploaded or added manually and add additional salaries if you have switched the jobs during the financial year you selected.

5.6. Investments and Deductions

Investments and Deductions

Deductions help in maximizing tax savings by reducing your taxable income.

Know more on How to declare Investments & Deductions?

5.7. Making Payment

Making Payment

Choose the service plan and make payment for it.

5.8. Review & e-File

Summary / Review Screen in EZTax.in ITR

We are by far the fastest e-Filer in the market today in India. Once prepared, takes just a few seconds to upload your return!

Once e-filed, you can download your customized ITR Report in PDF format along with email communication and reminders.

More @ How to understand Tax Summary while IT Filing ?

5.9. Tax Optimizer to Save on Taxes

Tax Optimiser Screen in EZTax.in ITR

Introducing EZTaxTax Optimizer, to save on taxes and increase the potential investment return. Per independent study* assesses on an average could save Rs. 10,000 or more on their taxes.

EZTax made it so simple that it will build a complex what-if scenario in real-time to show the current refund and new refund possible after recommendations for the coming year. more details about Tax Optimizer

Know more on How to declare Investments & Deductions?

6. Client Reviews

C Srinivas

C Srinivas
Director-CR, ICFAI Business School

  Had a great experience in filing my tax with EZTax. It is easy to use with step by step screens. The team provided quick, thorough and friendly support. EZHelp from their Self-Service Tax Filing Solution took care of most of my doubts. One only needs to upload Form 16 in pdf and the software takes care of everything else.
Data Security with EZTax.in

Highest Data Security for Privacy Filing

  •  256 Bit A+ Grade (Highest Rated) SSL
  •  Data resides in ISO 27001 Data Centers
  •  Data resides on Indian Soil (not in a foreign country)
  •  End-point / Client Side Security
  •  Enable Privacy Filing

Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.