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How to understand Tax Summary while IT Filing ?

Tax Summary Screen in Self Service Online Portal shows all the given personal, address, bank information, declared income, deductions, tax payments along with tax calculation, refunds or additional taxes need to pay in a easy to understand graphical representation.

Review of Information & Tax Calculation

In addition to the Tax Summary, the screen provides any user requested reminders to remind before completing the tax return. Additional features such as JSON, comprehensive PDF report downloads are available for users with special access such as CAs. The access is restricted and will be given based on the company approval procedure.

Tax Scenario: This table shows that total gross income, all the deductions, total taxes paid, refund or additional taxes need to pay.

Graphical representation: It shows the total tax scenario i.e. gross total income deductions and taxes paid in graphical format.

Personal info: This table shows all the personal information, address information and bank details, you can review here and if you need any changes go back do the changes.

Summary: This table shows tax calculation on your given incomes, deductions; taxes paid or deducted, and finally show the amount of refund or tax need to pay.

Computations of Income: This table shows computation of gross total income and net income, that means after all the setoffs additions of multiple incomes, from this income removing the deduction.

Taxable salary: This table shows, given salary details like taxable salary amount, type of employer, name & address of employer.

Taxable Self-occupied property: This table shows, given home loan interest, pre-construction interest, co-owner details.

Taxable interest income: This table shows all the interest incomes like savings interest, FD interest, other interest incomes etc.

Deductions under tax savings investments: This table shows all the deduction given under 80C like PF, Children school fee, PPF, LIC, NPS and etc.
Deduction under health insurance: This table shows total health insurance, preventive health check-up, and medical expenditure declared for self-family and parents family,
Other deductions: This tables show other deductions like rent paid, education loan interest paid, savings interest and etc.
Reminder: It alerts you, in pervious screen where did you used this option.
Next or previous: After completion over all review, if you need any changes you can go back do it, or else you can simply click on next button.

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Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.