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How to use Income Tax Creative Audit?

Creative audit analyze tax payer data against the Income Tax rules, and the real-world experiences. Works by applying the taxpayer data such as current income, deductions and Taxes paid with the prevailing IT Rules, and their thresholds to simulate the possibility of erroneous data that may trigger IT notices from Income Tax Department.

Creative Audit Explained

Creative Audit Screen in Self Service Portal help report, analyze, act on three segments of information. At the beginning, it shows the possible issues, recommendations with your ITR Return before you eFile. You can either choose to act or ignore the recommendation but there are few areas where the system made it mandatory to act.

In addition, the system asks for bank information to make sure the refund (where applicable) is properly credited. The last but not the least component of this screen is to e-File your Return if all the mandatory checks are all done. eFiling thru is highly secure, faster, once successful, you will receive the acknowledgement in a minute.

Creative Audit Results: Shows the list of issues and recommendations where you can act to skip or act by clicking on the link to go to specific questionnaire and make the necessary change to re-try the e-Filing.
Bank Information: If you want to change or add the bank information you can edit here.
Refund / Due: The amount of Tax Refund / Due will appear here. more detailed analysis was given in the Review Screen.

E-file: e-File button to start the efiling process, once clicked it will automatically start the efiling process and the result will appear in a minute. Screen will be information while processing your Return and submitted your return to ITD. In a minute if successful, it will generate an acknowledgement and send you an email with the PDF report, along with the e-Verification instructions.

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