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How to select Tax Profile while IT Filing ?

To make the filing process easier, Tax Profile Screen in Self Service Online Portal allows you to select financial events such as Salary, House Property, Business, etc. to drive simple, direct, optimized tax questionnaire. Express Filing feature makes it even easier to eFile your Return.

Incomes and Deduction’s Selection Explained

In the Tax Profile Screen, you can choose different sources of income, deductions, and various taxes paid. Once the selection is saved, the tax engine will automatically ask appropriate questionnaires to reduce the burden while preparing your taxes. You can remove the selected questionnaires, or add new any time you want before eFiling your return to re-calculate the Tax Computation.

Express Profile: Express filing, a unique, innovative feature introduced by, which facilitates you with four personalized profiles like Salaried employee, Foreign Investor, Business Professional & Trader. You may choose one of them for a quick e-file. You are free to choose / add individual events to your profile.
  1. Income means Total Taxable Income from all sources. Different types source of incomes are Salary, Business income, House Property Income (Rent), Capital gains, other sources income like interest income etc.
  2. EZTax providing all the income options to prepare and file tax return, According to your source of income you can choose multiple options. And you can remove at any point time you do not have or do not require.
  1. Deduction in respect of certain payments like Provident Fund, Public provident, Payment of life insurance policy, Payment of children School fees, NPS, Post office or FD for 5 years, Mediclaim, Educational loan, Rent paid, Donation made etc. These deductions will use full for reduce the taxable income.
  2. EZTax providing all the deductions from section 80C to 80TTA, depending up on your investments and expenses you can choose multiple options as shown in screen.

Taxes Paid:
  1. TDS (Tax Deducted at Source): Depending up on income slab you have to pay taxes on it, or if you are employee or consultant some amount tax will be directly deducts from salary i.e called TDS (Tax Deducted at Source).
  2. TCS (Tax collected source): Tax is collected by the person, who receives the payment and it is seller activity on purchases.
  3. Advance Tax: If you are business person or freelancer, depending your income slab it is better pay advance tax before end of financial year to avoid the interest or penalty on taxes.
  4. Self-assessment Tax:
    1. After competition of financial year you can calculate your taxes, at the time of filing or before filing what is the amount you can pay. i.e. called self-assessment tax.
    2. EZTax providing all the options TDS, TCS, Advance tax, Self-assessment tax to declare the tax deducted or taxes paid. Depending up on your requirement you can choose any of the given option
    3. In the TDS Screen with in ITR Self Service, you have an option to upload Form 26AS to get all the transactions automatically get added to ITR preparation.
EZ Help: EZTax is providing the one of the unique and use full option Help at field level; it is use full for every field to know about
Save: After selecting all the options and requirements you can click on save

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Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.