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How to e-verify your Income Tax Return (ITR) ?

No more sending ITR-V to CPC. Online Return e-Verification is Fast, Easy, and Secure. ITR e-Verification is simpler than ever. Save time with 9 ways to e-verify your income tax return: Netbanking, Bank ATM card, Aadhaar OTP, Bank Account, Demat Account. Detailed advice on how to use these alternatives to get your refund faster.

   Starting from Aug 01st 2022: e-Verification or ITR-V post should be done within 30 days from the date of eFiling. For eFilings done earlier the time limit is 120 days.

​Let's dive in to the 9 ways that the tax department can accept your return Online. eVerify your Income Tax Return (ITR) Online through

  1. Aadhaar OTP with EZTax - Recommended
  2. Aadhaar OTP after Login - Recommended
  3. Aadhaar OTP without Login New & Easy
  4. Netbanking
  5. Bank ATM
  6. Bank Account Number
  7. Demat Account Number
  8. Last resort : Send ITR-V to CPC Bangalore
  9. Digital Signature Certificate
How to eVerify your ITR for faster Refund?

Now, let's get into detailed steps for each option. Note: some of the options may need an ITD site login. If you do not have registered with ITD, you may do so using Income Tax Account Creation & Login Guide @ ITD Gov Site.

1. e-Verify through Aadhaar OTP with EZTax - Recommended

e-Verify thru Aadhaar OTP using
Once done the e-filing with EZTax > go to Dashboard > Click on the Service for which you want to e-Verify
Click on "GET OTP"
Enter OTP from the mobile number registered with Aadhaar
Click on "e-Verify" button

2. e-Verify through Aadhaar OTP (after Login) - Recommended

e-Verify thru Aadhaar OTP Help from
Login to Govt IT Filing Portal
From Menu > eFile > Income Tax Returns > e-Verify Return
Click on "e-Verify" button
Under 'How do you want to e-verify your return?' > Select "I would like to verify using OTP on a mobile number registered with Aadhaar" and Click "Continue" button.
Enter the Aadhaar OTP & Submit.

3. e-Verify through Aadhaar OTP without Login   New & Easy

e-Verify thru Aadhaar OTP Help from
Visit to e-Filing Portal to eVerify
Enter PAN Number
Select Assessment Year
Enter Acknowledgement Number. (Refer email from with a subject " | eFiled Successfully" to get this number.)
Enter Mobile Number
Enter Mobile OTP
Select the new method (Aadhaar OTP)
Confirm to receive Aadhaar OTP
Enter Aadhaar OTP
On success, download the ITR Computation, and acknowledgement documents

This option may not work if you are e-verifying immediately after the e-filing. 1 Hour to 1 day delay in certain cases.

* Thanks to Leo Bastin for correcting

4. e-Verify through Netbanking

e-Verify thru NETBanking Help from
Login to your Online Net-banking account
Visit Tax Center or similar option. Example: For ICICI Bank personal banking, Select 'Payments & Transfer' Menu, Visit 'Tax Center' and click on 'Income Tax e-Filing' Option to login to Income Tax Department portal.
Login to ITD Portal, sometimes, you may get a dialog to update your address, mobile etc. please update only if you have mobile and email accessible. Generally, one choose Netbanking option if Aadhaar is not linked with Mobile phone.
After skipping Address update, you get a dialog to confirm 'Do you want to add this bank', here press 'Confirm'. Once updated, you will see confirmation that your account was pre-validated.
Click 'Continue' to Confirm to e-Verify your return.
e-Return will be successfully verified

5. e-Verify through Bank ATM

e-Verify thru Bank ATM Help from
Swipe your ATM card in Bank ATM
Click on PIN for e-Filing
EVC received on registered mobile number
Login to e-Filing portal & select option to e-Verify return using Bank ATM
Enter your EVC on e-Filing portal
e-Return will be successfully verified

6. e-Verify via Bank Account Number

e-Verify thru Bank Account Number Help from
Go to Govt IT e-Filing portal
Pre validate your Bank Account Number (if not validated)
Select My Profile settings > click on 'Pre-validate Your Bank Account' > Click 'Add' button > Now enter your bank details, and click on 'Pre-validate' button.
Once above done, Follow Step-2, and select the bank that you just added, and click "Enable EVC".
Now, Click on 'My Account' from menu, and select on Option-5 : 'e-Verify Return'.
Select IT Return you would like to e-Verify, and click e-Verify
Select 'e-Verify thru Bank Account' > Generate EVC Code > You will get the EVC Code
Enter your EVC and click 'Submit'
e-Return will be successfully verified

7. e-Verify through Demat Account Number

e-Verify thru Demat Account Number Help from
Go to Govt IT e-Filing portal
Pre validate your Demat Account Number (if not validated)
Bank account details validated Successfully. Click e-verify link, select option to e-verify using Bank account details and generate OTP
EVC received on registered mobile number
Enter your EVC on e-Filing portal
e-Return will be successfully verified

8. Send ITR-V to CPC Bangalore

If none of the above options worked for you as you are NRI or not in India or not receiving the OTPs etc. You can Verify your return using old method, Sending the ITR-V form to CPC- Bangalore Office through post (better to use registered post)

Print ITR-V form (after login to Govt. ITD Portal > going to eFiled Returns > Print the ITR-V Acknowledgement form.
Send the signed ITR-V form by post (preferably in a registered post)
CPC Bangalore Address
Centralised Processing Centre,
Income Tax Department,
Bengaluru - 560500,

9. Digital Signature Certificate

On occasion, NRIs, the elderly, or those who are travelling may not have access to an aadhaar-linked mobile to receive the OTP, or taxpayers who do not need aadhaar (foreigners living in India, NRIs, etc.) may need an option that does not fit the above options to generate a new DSC and e-verify.

If you are filing Updated ITR using EZTax or government tools, you may be required to perform an immediate e-verification; therefore, you cannot send ITR-V to the CPC Office. DSC e-verification could therefore be a beneficial option

Login to Govt IT Filing Portal
From Menu > eFile > Income Tax Returns > e-Verify Return
Click on "e-Verify" button
Under 'How do you want to e-verify your return?' > Select "Digital Signature Certificate" and Click "Continue" button. Select signature and submit.
If you not have Register DSC ( Login to IT Portal >> select My Profile >> Click on Register DSC )

Important Steps after ITR eFiling ?

There are many misconceptions on what to do after e-Filing your Income Tax Returns among 1st time ITR e-Filers in India. It is important to note that e-Filing your IT Return is just not enough.

Do you know?

A taxpayer must eVerify the return to make it processed further. No refund is possible without it.

While e-verification is one of the important step, at a high level, there are 6 steps you should do post e-Filing your Return to have full compliance, and to have your Taxes optimized for Savings.

Read more @ 6 important steps after eFiling your IT Return

  1. If Income Tax Return is verified within 30 days of filing income tax return, the date of filing will be considered as the date of furnishing income tax return.
  2. If Income Tax Return is verified after 30 days, the date of e verification will be considered as date of filing Income Tax Return. It is also considered as a belated return and corresponding penalties and interest will be levied. You cannot carry forward the losses also
Important Steps After ITR eFiling

How to get help from

Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.