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Scrutiny Notice u/s 148 Response Service Plan & Pricing


  • Preparation of Response in response to notice u/s 148A, 148, 142(1), 143(2),144, 133 etc
  • Expert assisted Income tax notice handling for individuals, business.
  • Expert support through Email, phone & chat during the business hours.

Who should buy?

  • Any individual or HUF or firms or companies who needs to respond the notice from ITD.


  • Upon receiving the Notice information (eMail from ITD, PDF or scanned Notice Copy) our experts will call you before starting the process.
  • Expert team will exchange the information thru email and phone calls, if necessary.
  • Team will send you the response draft or action plan for further review.
  • Once confirmed, team will submit the response, and send you the Acknowledgement.
  • Team will follow up the status of submitted response.
  • Estimated Processing Time : 3-5 days, depends on complexity. (Resolution / Response from ITD may take long time depending on the notice issued).

Documents to be Submitted

  • Notice Received.
  • Bank statement for the financial year as per notice
  • Income Tax Login Credentials.
  • Sale Deed of the property if the notice is regarding Property
  • Sources of income for the financial year as per Notice
  • If you are NRI, Copy of passport providing your residential status
  • Other Support Documents Related to Notice.
  • The service covers the analysis, preparation of response in a covering letter in response to each notice.
  • Every notice received during scrutiny is a separate notice and every notice needs customized response.
  • The outcome of the notice might be positive or negative. The client needs to possess all the supporting documents to complete the scrutiny.

Other Benefits

Every Service comes with the benefits such as

  • e-File & PDF Report
  • e-Verification Assistance
  • Post Service Follow up

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Scrutiny Notice Response u/s 148

Starts from
Rs. 3499
Market Price  Rs.  5499 

Preparation of Response in response to notice u/s 148A, 148, 142(1), 143(2),144, 133 etc

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Scrutiny Notice u/s 148 Response Service FAQs

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on Scrutiny Notice u/s 148 Response Service .

1.What is Assessment / Scrutiny Notice?

If the income tax assessing officer or any prescribed Income tax officer considers that it is necessary to ensure that the taxpayer has not understated his income or has not computed excessive loss or has not underpaid his tax, he can issue a notice for scrutiny.

2.What are types of notices?

The following are the types of notices that any taxpayer might receive

  • Scrutiny assessment : Section 143(3)
  • Income Escapement Assessment : Section 148 & 147
  • Preliminary Enquiry before an assessment : Section 142(1)
  • Follow up to the notice u/s 142(1) : Section 143(2)
  • Best judgment assessment : Section 144
  • Calling for information u/s 133(6) of the Income Tax Act, 1961,
  • Income is concealed or likely to be concealed : Section 131(1A).
3.What is the starting point of notice?

Generally, the taxpayer will receive notice to explain the reason of not filing income tax returns and high value transactions entered during the financial year. The Income Tax department will issue the notice with name "Enquiry u/s 148A(a)".

4.Are all the notices mentioned in question are interlinked?

No, All the notices are not interlinked. But if your case is selected for scrutiny u/s 148, the notices u.s 143, 142(1) and section 144 will follow the initial notices.

5.Is there any fixed time line that the notice will be closed?

There is no fixed time limit for the notices to be closed. It depends on the Income Tax Departmental officers own judgement. Generally it takes minimum 12 months to 24 months to receive the final order from Income Tax Department.

Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.