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Partnership Firm Registration Service Plan & Pricing


  • Consultation and guidance in planning for partnership firm.
  • Drafting of partnership deed and supporting Documents.
  • Receipt of Certificate & follow-up.
  • Application of PAN .
  • Stamp with name of the Firm.
  • Expert support through Email, phone & chat during the business hours.

Who should buy?

  • A group of 2 or more individuals having a business idea.


  • Upon receiving the documents, our expert will call you before starting the process.
  • Expert team will exchange the information thru email and phone calls, if necessary.
  • Preparation of partnership deed and other supporting documents.
  • Team will contact you for the signatures required on the documents.
  • Team will submit the documents to the concerned Registrar of Firms.
  • Estimated Processing Time: For receipt of Certificate & stamp with the name of the Firm generally within 4 to 5 Working Days.
  • For receipt of PAN – 10-20 working days.

Documents to be Submitted

  • Copy of PAN of Partners.
  • Copy of Aadhar of Partners.
  • Passport size Photos of Partners.
  • e-mail ID & Mobile Numbers of Partners.
  • Full Business address with Electricity Bill.
  • Rental Agreement / Lease Agreement (if the place of business is a Rental Property).
  • If it is relatives property, NOC ( No Objection Certificate) is required.
  • Nature of Business & Name of Business.
  • Profit Sharing Ratio among Partners.

Other Benefits

Every Service comes with the benefits such as

  • Expert Advice
  • Documentation Guidance
  • Firm Certificate
  • PAN and Stamp on Firm Name
  • Superior Support
  • Post-Service Follow-up
Expert Assisted

Partnership Firm Registration

Consultation and guidance in planning for partnership firm, Drafting of partnership deed and supporting documents, Receipt of Certificate & follow-up, Application of PAN, Stamp with name of the Firm

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Partnership Firm Registration FAQs

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on Partnership Firm Registration .

1.What is a Partnership ?

Partnership is an agreement between two or more people to share the profits of a business. The business can be carried on together by all the partners or any one partner representing the others.

2.Who can be partners ?

Partners must be major (above the age of 18), should be sane and should not be disqualified by law from entering into a contract.

3.Can a partner transfer his right in the business of the firm to an outsider ?

Yes, a partner can transfer his interest in the business to an outsider, but only with the consent of all other partners.

4.Can a HUF become a partner of a firm ?

No, A HUF is not a legal person and so cannot enter into partnership with either an individual or another HUF. But kartha or any other person in HUF can enter into partnership.

5.Can a firm become a partner in another firm ?

No, a partnership firm cannot become a partner of another firm because it is not a legal person. But the partners may be partners in another firm in their individual capacity.

6.Can a new partner be admitted into the partnership firm ?

A partner can nominate a successor to take his place in the event of death or retirement of the partner. The mode of introducing a new partner or successor is based on provisions in the partnership deed. A new partnership deed is required once the new partner is admitted into the firm.

7.How to dissolute the partnership firm ?

Partnership can be dissolved according to the contract between the partners. The partnership deed should contain the provision of dissolution. Or a partnership firm can be dissolved at any time if all the partners decide to dissolve it.

8.Is Partners needed to visit registrar office ?

No it is not required to visit registrar office, but all the partners need to sign on the application.