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5 Common Money Habits from the Richest People on Earth

Cracking a formula to be Rich is in everyone's list of tasks, but what is common among the richest people on the planet are not what we generally think. Know more on what those habits that we can emulate?

What is common among the richest people on earth?

Some of the richest people on the planet are known to lead very minimalist lives. They don’t prefer buying expensive brands all the time. And they don’t like excess in any form. On the contrary, they value experience more than material possessions. They only buy what they need.

To be precise, they focus on building their wealth rather than cluttering their homes with unnecessary things. For example, Warren Buffet, the world’s greatest wealth builder, lives by this minimalism theory. He still lives in a three-bedroom house in Omaha, where he got married 50 years ago. He does not live a flamboyant life.

5 Common Money Habits

What are the common money habits of the richest people on earth? Here are a few:

1. Investing; not just Saving

Rich people don’t just play safe. They like to bet on money to make more money. They don’t prefer to only stash away their extra cash into fixed deposits or savings account. Instead, they invest their extra money in real estate, stocks, or mutual funds, which tend to give greater return. It helps when the investment gives back an inflated sum more than the macroeconomic inflation rate.

2. Frugal Spenders

Rich people are mostly cautious about spending their money. They no need to prove anything to anyone. So, they do not spend their money on unnecessary items. They buy what they need. When it comes to indulgences like shopping or eating out, they do not necessarily choose brands. Instead, they seek affordability or comfort.

3. Invest in the Right Friends

Rich people invest in the right people to hang out with. They are friends with people who will benefit them or stand by them in the long term. They also appreciate people who would inspire them to build wealth.

4. Calculated Risks

Most financially successful people take risks. But they usually know their risk appetites and do not put all their eggs in one basket. They invest in companies with a solid track record. They also think long-term while making any investments. Though these people invest in different ways, they always calculate before taking any step.

5. Discipline and Luck

No matter what, the rich people are very disciplined in their lives. They understand the value of time and luck more than anyone else. They know that it’s important to do right things at the right time.


These are some of the important money habits of rich people. However, they did not get here on a single day. Each of them has had their shares of struggles, trials and tribulations, before they succeeded. Character traits such as intuition, self-control, fortitude, experience and vision helped them reach their financial goals. For anyone aspiring a high level of wealth, one must keep these factors in mind and strive hard.

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