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Top 5 UPI Payment app in India

Now a Days No One interested to Maintain cash in hand in every time. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi encourages Make Digital India Programme. During Covid-19 Lockdown, Most of The People Started using Digital Payments for various Financial Payments. Moreover it leads massive increase in usage of UPI Payments.

Top 5 UPI Payment app in India

UPI means Unified payments Interface. Through UPI Payments People can transfer Money from Bank to Bank with in time in mobile only and no need to go for a Bank for such payments. Mobile app store filled multiple new and innovative UPI apps in India.

1. Google Pay

Google Pay initially named as TEZ APP (Money made Simple by Google). Google Pay was introduced by GOOGLE, it was user friendly and it gets huge response from large audiences. Google pay app attracts the people by giving Scratch cards and various coupons to get discount on payment made though APP. The money from scratch card directly credited to registered bank account. People can transfer amount Directly to Google pay number without asking any bank details. Google build trust among the customers by providing option to put personal security password for the Google Pay APP.

2. Phone Pay

Phone pay is one of most trustworthy app, Now a days people started using this app for payments and also make recharge ,order food , shopping . It provide quick link for insurance and travel bookings also. Anyone can pay DTC, Electricity, credit card bill though this is user friendly app. It provide an option to find all your favourite app by phone pay switch.

3. Paytm

Paytm is a mobile App, though this people can make UPI payments, it also offers PAYTM Wallet. Paytm is widely spread though out India mostly it is used by small business holders and small vendors. As well Paytm Mall provides various discounts for shopping and travel and Entertainment.

4. Amazon Pay

The most popular online Shopping App Amazon Launches Amazon pay option in the App itself. Though Amazon Pay App people can make various payments like bills, travel charges, gift cards. You can use amazon pay from Amazon app is user-friendly app.


BHIM means Bharat interface for money, launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).BHIM App is provide option to select language and register though mobile number it gives option to put UPI Pin. Though this app people can send money and request money and it allows people to check transaction history. The per transaction limit for IPO though UPI Payments is Rs.2,00,000.