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Home > Income Tax > Help Center > Compound Interest Calculator Last Updated: Feb 16th 2024

Compound Interest Calculator

The compound interest calculator can figure out the interest that will be added to a loan over time based on the initial amount, interest rate, and frequency.

This is the most helpful tool for making financial plans, choosing investments, and figuring out how interest rates will affect loans or investments over time.

Compound Interest Calculator

   Compound Interest Calculator
Principal Amount

Principal Amount can not be -ve value
Interest Rate (%)
( Typical Indian interest rates range from 6 to 9 )

Interest Rate can not be -ve value
Time Period (years)

Time Period can not be -ve value
Total Compound Interest : {{Result.toLocaleString("en-IN")}}
Yearly Half-Yearly Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily  Compound Interest calculated using the formula (Principal Amount * (1 + Interest Rate / 100 * {{ getFreqRate() }}) ({{ getFreqRate() }} * Time Period)) - Principal Amount.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. How can people arrange their finances with compound interest?

People who plan their finances well can use compound interest to help them reach their long-term financial goals, get rich, and choose smart investments. People can plan their finances in a number of ways that use compound interest.

2. How people refer compound interest in real world?

Compound interest serves as the foundational method employed by lending institutions to compute loan interest.

It is commonly referred to as "interest on interest" or the "power of compound interest."

3. Where we see compound interest in our day-day finances?

Compound interest used in almost every financial dealing these days. Below are few popular instruments

  • Interest on Savings accounts
  • Fixed deposit (FD)
  • Home Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Credit cards

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