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Temporary Break to e-Invoice Auto Population of GSTR-1

Due to system improvements, GSTN informs you that the auto-population of e-Invoices in GSTR-1 has been temporally disabled. Find out more

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Temporary /Short Period Pause in e-Invoice Auto Population into GSTR-1

  1. GSTN notified taxpayers that the auto-population of e-Invoices in GSTR-1 has been temporarily halted due to necessary system upgrades, which will entail the implementation of e-Invoice JSON download functionality.
  2. This will have a transient effect on the auto-population of e-Invoice data in GSTR-1, which will be unavailable from 26th September to 29th September 2023 across all six IRP portals.
  3. The data for this period will be auto-populated on September 30, 2023, and will have no effect on GSTR-1 filing for the following month.
  4. GSTN is advising taxpayers to avoid manually adding invoices during this period, as the interruption will be transient.

What this note haven't mentioned is whether this in only applicable for IRP portals or intermediaries or for all the GST taxpayers? EZTax advise you to follow above even if you are not going through IRPs. Eg.

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