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e-Invoices on the GST Portal with JSON export functionality

The GSTN has announced that the e-Invoice JSON download functionality is now operational on the GST Portal. Learn more

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The news in brief

The GSTN has announced that as of October 3, 2023, the new e-Invoice JSON download functionality will be available and operational on the GST Portal. As a standard operating procedure for both the IT and GST departments, the new format is anticipated to facilitate more integrations with IT systems.

This functionality also enables the retrieval of all e-invoices reported across all six IRPs (Invoice Registration Portals), i.e. all data.

In accordance with accessibility, you will have access to e-Invoice JSON files for up to six months after the IRN was created.

To make the process simpler for all users. It is recommended that taxpayers transfer their downloads to off-peak hours to avoid overwhelming the server during the first few days.

Consider that this functionality is also provided by GSP (GST Suvidha Providers) through G2B (Government-to-Business) APIs.

Follow these steps to generate in JSON

  1. Log in
  2. Navigate to Download E-invoice JSONs Section
  3. Search for e-Invoice (By IRN)
  4. View and Download
  5. Bulk Download (By Period)
  6. Excel Format e-Invoice List (By Period)
  7. Downloading History

1. Log in

  1. Go to e-Invoice Portal at
  2. Login to with the login credentials
  1. Locate "Download E-Invoice JSONs" on the homepage of the portal. It is divisible into two categories, "Generated" and "Received."
  2. The "Generated" tab contains e-Invoices that you generate, whereas the "Received" tab contains e-Invoices that you receive.
  1. To find a specific e-Invoice, use the "By IRN" tab.
  2. Enter the invoice number or select the financial year, document classification, and document number.
  3. Click on the "Search" button.

4. View and Download

  1. In case click the search button, you will see the relevant IRN.
  2. Click on "Download PDF" to get a confirmed e-invoice (available for a single active IRN).
  3. Additionally, select "DOWNLOAD E-INVOICE (JSON)" to download the JSON file.

5. Bulk Download (By Period)

  1. To get e-Invoices in bulk for a given period, use the "For Period" tab.
  2. Select the Financial year and Month.
  3. Click "DOWNLOAD E-INVOICE (JSON)" to download all e-Invoices for the current month in JSON format.

6. Excel Format e-Invoice List (By Period)

Follow the steps below to generate an e-invoice list in Excel format for a specified time period:

  1. Go to the "List of IRNs" tab.
  2. Select the selected financial year and month.
  3. Click on "DOWNLOAD E-INVOICE (Excel)."

7. Downloading History

The requested e-Invoices can be downloaded for only two days. After 48 hours, an entirely new request must be submitted.

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