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MCA approved changes to the LLP Rules 2009

MCA has issued the amendments to Limited Liability Partnership rules 2009 vide notification no GSR 803(e) dated 27th Oct 2023

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The changes are as follows :

  1. Every LLP should maintain a register of its partners in Form 4A and it should be kept at the registered office of LLP. All the existing LLP's should maintain the register of partners in Form 4A within 30 days from commencement of LLP Rules.
  2. A person whose name is entered in the register of partners of LLP but does not hold any beneficial interest should file a declaration in Form 4B within a period of 30 days from which his name is entered in register of partners of LLP
  3. The LLP should file a return in Form 4D to the registrar within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of declaration by partners.
  4. Every LLP should specify the designated partner who will be responsible for furnishing the information with respect to beneficial interest or any other information.


Through MCA Circular # 27/2023 dated 31st Oct 2023. More @

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