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Prediction on Indian economy, technology & taxes for NRIs

EZTax expects Indian diaspora and pre-2000s non-resident Indians to return to India starting from 2024 due to various macro-economic events around the world. Read more.

Indians who migrated during the 2000s are gradually attempting to return to India in order to reside and appreciate their retirement and post-50 years. EZTax 10 point prediction on Indian economy, technology, & taxes for NRIs.

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This marks the beginning of a substantial reverse migration to India.
It is expected that India will regain its wealth.
It was anticipated that their investments would be organized for management in India.
The Indian economy is on the brink of prosperity.
It is anticipated that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that prioritize unit economics will exhibit superior performance in the next five years, which will encourage non-resident Indians (NRIs) to reinvest in India as entrepreneurs.
AI disruption has a substantial impact on the technology sector, as the current status of machine learning technologies is in its infancy.
It is anticipated that the new government will restructure the GST rates and revise import duties following the elections.
In the years ahead, there will be a greater emphasis on taxation and the complete implementation of the tax compliance framework, with a maturity level of - 2 to provide more transparency.
Attention should be given to upskilling by job seekers and employees for those who want to continue to perform as an employee.
10 Macroeconomics has a significant impact on the economy and foreign policy of India, enabling it to leverage its latent strengths and become more robust that would favour the new investments from NRIs.

Author: Suneel Dasari, Founder & CEO @

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