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Hyderabad [India] Dec 5 (BWI):, today announced that the company has launched its NRI Income Tax Hotline service to help growing Non-Resident India (NRI) population, which is working abroad, and foreigners who are working in India. Through this hotline service, the company is expected to get close to the NRIs and help them in achieving tax planning, saving, and overall tax compliance in India, in addition to filing their taxes.

The study says NRI Tax Compliance growth is not in pace with the IT Filing growth that India saw for the past two years, it's mainly due to lack of understanding in changes to tax act in India.

Suneel Dasari, CEO @, said, "We are helping both resident Indians, and NRIs in income tax filing for the last two years, a growing segment of our business. But it's vital to have a year-round tax compliance for NRIs as the Tax year differ in abroad, and the clients are increasingly diversifying their portfolios beyond traditional real-estate into businesses, and currencies. NRI Income Tax Hotline is a natural extension to serve this population on their concerns."

NRIs who are in abroad or visiting India this festive season can contact our helpline number @ 91 7288 900 900 or WhatsApp their query to get help.

Any questions or concern on Tax exposure related to, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA), Tax Residency Certificate (TRC), NRE, NRO, FCNR, sale of Property by NRI, foreign tax credit, Overseas citizen of India (OCI), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), ESOPs, RSUs, foreign assets under FEMA, Seafarers, Foreigners working, living in India. (ANI)

Source: " Enhanced Its Engagement With NRIs Through Income Tax Hotline, National New Paper"

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