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Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

'ROI' stands for "Return on Investment". It is utilized in the assessment of an investment's profitability. EZTax's Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator facilitates the computation of ROI and annual ROI.

ROI Calculator

   Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
Invested Amount
Total Returned Amount
(Invested + Interest)
Duration of Investment (in Years)
Total Gain Received Amount
Total ROI for {{invYrs}} Years
Annual ROI
{{ annualRoi.toLocaleString("en-IN") }}%

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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is ROI?

ROI means Return on Investment. It is used to measure the profitability of an investment. ROI is used to measure the performance of various assets like properties, shares, Mutual Funds, crypto etc

2. How to calculate ROI?

A. Total ROI is calculated based on the below formula

Gain = (Total Returned Amount - Invested Amount)
ROI = (Gain / Invested Amount) * 100

B. Annual ROI is calculated based on the below formula

Annualized ROI = [(Total Returned Amount / Invested Amount) ^ (1/Holding Period)] - 1

3. What is Annualized ROI?

Annualized ROI means return on investment as an annual average over a given period of time. It helps the investors in comparing their investments over the time period

4. How to use the EZTax ROI Calculator?

EZTax ROI calculator is very easy to use and its interface is user friendly. You just need to enter the invested amount, Returned amount and duration. It automatically calculates the ROI and Annual ROI

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