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Crypto Gains Calculator for IT Filing

Calculate Crypto Gains from different exchanges for Income Tax Return Filing in India using Profit / Loss statement or Crypto Ledger Template. Auto Fetch Forex Rates, Auto FIFO matching Sales & Purchases, accepts data from Crypto Ledger or Profit and Loss Statements.   Updated per latest Interim Budget 2024 auto converts the Crypto token from 'USD', 'GBP', 'EURO', 'YEN' to 'INR' or from other major stablecoins like 'USDT' / 'USDC' and apply FIFO.

If you know your gains / losses summary information, Refer Crypto Tax Calculator

UPLOAD Crypto / VDA Transactions

1. Select EZTax Crypto Template

 Download Crypto P&L template to fill the data from different Exchanges, Brokers, Intermediaries. P&L template expects the Purchase value against every sale in INR.

 Download Crypto Ledger template to fill the data from different Exchanges, Brokers, Intermediaries. Ledger template expects the data as list of transactions per event like 'Sell', 'Buy', 'Transfer Out', 'Transfer In', 'Gift Out', 'Gift In'.

P2P transactions recorded @ Exchange were not considered as most exchanges giving only payment information but no crypto / VDA sale / purchase information. Advised you to use the template to fill such transactions through the template.

EZTax Crypto to Taxes Automation
2. Select the Excel File to Upload:   New: {{}} Selected file was greater than 3 MB in size, please select another file

3. Process Excel File:  

  * You may RE-UPLOAD the Crypto transactions if necessary. When you re-upload the excel, the system will remove the existing crypto data and re-add the new data from Excel.

  Pay attention to EXCHANGE RATES to INR. USD and USDT / USDC /.. to INR are different. EZTax uses the publicly available Forex Rates. In case regular currencies like USD, we use data from RBI.

  PURCHASE VALUE would be considered as Zero for Transfer-In / Gift-In. Transfers across exchanges will be treated as different transactions similar to how the trading would happen across stock exchanges.

  SCOPE: Sales, Gifts, Air Drops from both domestic and international exchanges. Transfers, expenses like gas charges, brokerage and any other expenses would not be considered per Indian IT rules.

  DATA: Tax is assessed based on sale / gift-out, transfer-out activities, hence if no such event found in the data, the calculator ignore the rest of the data.

Data Import Successful ... Check Import Data Totals

Summary( #{{cryCount}} )

Sale Value : {{crySalValue.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb }}
Purchase Value : {{cryPurValue.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb}}
Gift received Value : {{cryGiftValue.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb}}
Total Gain * : {{cryGainValue.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb}}
  * Losses can neither be carry forwarded nor set-off against its own. No expenses / fees are allowed to be considered to reduce the income tax. 'Total Gain' value may not match with the (Sale - Purchase + Gifts) received @ summary level. Pay attention to exchange rates to INR. USD and USDT/USDC/.. are different.

Summary By Exchange

ExchangeSale ValuePurchase ValueGift received ValueTotal Gain# Sales
{{}}{{row.salVal.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb}}{{row.purVal.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb}}{{row.giftVal.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb}}{{row.gainVal.toFixed(0) |indrupsymb}}{{row.tCount}}

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Disclaimer: This article provides an overview and general guidance, not exhaustive for brevity. Please refer Income Tax Act, GST Act, Companies Act and other tax compliance acts, Rules, and Notifications for details.