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How to download AIS statement from Income Tax Portal?

Step-by-step instructions with pictures that show how to use the Income Tax India e-Filing Portal to view or download an AIS statement. Explains the significance of the AIS statement for good tax compliance and accurate return submission.

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This document covers

  1. What is AIS Statement ?
  2. What information available in AIS?
  3. Possible list of transactions identified for AIS
  4. Difference between Form 26AS & AIS Statement ?
  5. Ways to view or download the AIS Statement
  6. Instructions to download AIS Statement

1. What is AIS Statement ?

AIS is a comprehensive statement containing details of the financial transactions undertaken by you for a given financial year (FY).

It's an important document that shows all the specified financial transactions and related information in one place. It's vital for every taxpayer to cross check before filing their Income Tax Return.

Specified Financial Transactions (SFT) ?

Know more on what are specified financial transactions (aka SFT, aka high value transactions) and their threshold limits @ What are high value transaction limits for Income Tax Compliance?

2. What information available in AIS Statement?

  1. AIS contains information related to income earned from various sources such as salary, dividend, interest from savings account, recurring deposits, sale and purchase of equity shares, bonds, mutual funds, property transactions etc.
  2. The statement also contains information related to TDS, TCS and any tax demand or refund

3. Possible list of transactions identified for AIS

List of transactions that the Income Tax Department is keeping track of to create the AIS statement. The department is free to alter this list at any moment, but it is in the taxpayers' best interests to have one to begin with.

  • Salary
  • Rent Received
  • Dividends
  • Interest from Savings Account
  • Interest from Deposits
  • Interest from Others
  • Interest from Income Tax Refund
  • Rent on plant and machinery
  • Winning from lottery or crossword puzzle
  • Winning from horse race
  • Receipt of accumulated balance of PF from employer
  • Interest from infrastructure Debt Fund
  • Interest from specified company by NRI
  • Interest on bonds and government securities
  • Income w.r.t. units of non-resident (NRI)
  • Income and long-term capital gain (LTCG) from units by an offshore fund
  • Income and long-term capital gain (LTCG) from foreign currency bonds or shares of Indian companies
  • Income of foreign institutional investors from securities
  • Insurance commission
  • Receipts from life insurance policy
  • Withdrawal of deposits under national savings scheme
  • Receipt of commission on sale of lottery tickets
  • Income from investment in securitization trust
  • Income on account of repurchase of units by Mutual Funds
  • Interest or dividend or other sums payable to government
  • Payment to non-resident sportsmen or sports association
  • Sale of land or building
  • Receipts from transfer of immovable property
  • Sale of vehicle
  • Sale of securities and units of mutual fund
  • Off market debit transactions
  • Off market credit transactions
  • Business receipts
  • Business expenses
  • Rent payments
  • Miscellaneous payments
  • Cash deposits
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Cash payments
  • Outward foreign remittance / purchase of foreign currency
  • Receipt of foreign remittance
  • Foreign travel related
  • Purchase of immovable property
  • Purchase of vehicle
  • Purchase of time deposits (Fixed Deposits)
  • Purchase of securities and units of MFs
  • Credit / Debit card related
  • Balance in Bank Accounts
  • Income distributed by business trust
  • Income distributed by investment fund
  • 4. What is the difference between Form 26AS and the AIS Statement ?

    Form 26AS contains financial transactions that were recorded due to TDS payment by Self, Employer, other Taxpayer, a Business, or a Company.

    On the other hand the transactions in AIS statement were collected based on the nature and transaction amount that crosses certain threshold from various sources like banks, financial institutions, and the regulatory bodies in India.

    The transactions listed in AIS alone may not be able to identify taxable income but can arrive at such with the help of additional information from the taxpayer.

    5. What are the ways to view or download the AIS Statement ?

    One can download their AIS statement from Income Tax India e-filing portal using the steps given below. Unlike Form 26AS AIS statement can be downloaded from any country.

    6. Instructions to download Form AIS Statement?

    Step 1:

    Go to and click on login. If you don't have an account, please click on register and create an account.

    IT Portal Home Page
    IT Portal Login Page

    Step 2:

    Enter the User Id (PAN). Now click on login.

    Step 3:

    After login, the following screen will appear. Go to Services and click on AIS (Annual Information Statement) in the drop-down menu.

    View Form AIS
    Click Confirm to proceed to Traces Portal

    Step 4:

    Click on Proceed

    Step 5:

    Now click on AIS

    Agree to access Traces Portal
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    Step 6:

    Select AIS and Click on Down arrow button.

    Step 7:

    Click on download Option.

    Download Form 26AS with various options
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    Step 8:

    1. If you want to download the form AIS in Online, select the format as PDF
    2. If you want to download the form AIS in JSON format, select the format as 'JSON'.

    Step 9:

    The password for opening your form AIS is your PAN (small case) and date of birth (ddmmyyyy) in aaapa1234a21011991 format.

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