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EZTax Launched India's 1st AI-Enabled IT Filing Mobile App

Hyderabad, Telangana, India: Today, EZTax, the leading tax compliance portal in India, introduced a completely functional mobile application powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This application is designed for taxpayers who prefer mobile applications or who lack access to computers.

"EZTax launched India’s 1st artificial intelligence (AI) enabled fully functional income tax filing mobile app in India to save on taxes and e-file easily."

EZTax launched new AI enabled ITR filing App

On January 30, 2018, EZTax released its fully functional ITR filing mobile app, which, according to available statistics, was utilized by lakhs of users. EZTax declared that the current release is user experience-centric and includes built-in artificial intelligence (AI) to assist even novice users or first-time taxpayers in completing their tax returns in an easier, accurate, and error-free.

In contrast, most tax applications in India are mostly to provide help but not to offer full-blown IT filing on mobiles.

Generally, taxpayers lack the knowledge required for understanding the Income Tax Act and are likely to make errors that result in costly IT notices requiring rectification. To prevent this, the EZTax app's Creative Audit module employs artificial intelligence (AI) to identify problems prior to e-filing the ITR, India’s 1st Tax Optimiser is also now improved to save on taxes.

78% of all online consumers in India utilize mobile platforms due to their portability and usability, while 22% utilize computers, according to EZTax estimate that mobile usage for personal purposes is considerably greater, at approximately 85% since many individuals file their taxes from offices rather than their homes.

EZTax's Founder and CEO, Suneel Dasari, stated, "Because EZTax adheres to the mobile-first philosophy, all applications, including GST Accounting and ITR Filing, are mobile applications that function similarly to browser-based applications. Being an authorised e-Return Intermediary (ERI) for 8 long years and with the experience we possess, we are delighted to announce that the EZTax ITR application with artificial intelligence (AI), a unique, 1st and only solution available in India."

Mr. Dasari further added, "It is anticipated that the utilization of mobile applications will experience a further surge during the tax season of FY 2023-24 (AY 2024-25), which would prove advantageous for taxpayers. Adding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the self-service tax filing would enable taxpayers to save on taxes and error-free returns from the comfort of their own homes."

On the pricing, he further added that EZTax Self-Service ITR filing would be free for ordinary income below Rs. 5 Lakhs and would have pricing starting from Rs. 299 per filing for other complexity such as business, capital gains, crypto income tax filing.

Available on all leading mobile platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Android Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

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Since 2016, EZTax has been assisting taxpayers and has made tax consultation services an integral part of its service offerings, which include income tax, GST, TDS, business advisory, and compliance. Today, the company helping not only the Indian resident taxpayers but also the NRIs located in 39+ countries around the world.

About EZTax

EZTax (MYD Labs Private Limited), a tax tech company, provides comprehensive, end-to-end tax solutions in the areas of income tax, TDS, GST, accounting, and registrations for both individuals and SME businesses through software, apps, and expert services, an authorised ERI (e-Return Intermediary) since 2017.

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