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While Features & Functionality do get added every now and then ... All the things that we do are part of our greater vision to be

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If you need a feature / functionality that requires you to function better, do not hesitate to send your need to to review with our COE Team.

Updated Features & Functionality

Feb 28th 2019
  1. Multi Country Rollout: After significant discussion with our Center of Excellence Team, it was long decided that the good functionality should prevail, beyond boundaries. Books (earlier known as GST) is now available in 7 other countries outside of India. Initial rollout includes UK, Australia, Nepal, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka covering both GST, VAT, SST, ST tax systems including but not limited to the localization aspects such as currency, numbering systems, local conventions and various other significant cultural aspects. Books available in 8 countries
    Now in 8 Countries
    More information on free trial, pricing (localized currency), refer comparison with leading cloud accounting software vendors / brands in the respective rollout countries

  2. Branding: To accommodate multi-country clientele, COE team has decided to rename the product name from ' GST' to ' Books Books Logo
    Now Logo

  3. Actions & Reminders: Few new frequently used actions & reminders were added to the Books Dashboard.

  4. Manage Invoices: A new Copy functionality was introduced to enable one to copy an invoice and change information like customer or products to generate a new Invoice. This is in addition to Invoice template functionality already provided from the beginning.

  5. Google Drive Integration: Per growing demand to make invoices archived in private storages, Team developed integration 'without the need for 3rd party tools', a business now can save an Invoice (any document) directly in to his/her private Google Drive.
    Google Drive Integration with Books

    In addition, Create / Edit Purchase Invoice Screen provide a mechanism to 'link Supplier original photo/pdf/document' from Google Drive to have a future reference in case audit etc.

  6. eMail Communication: Now Businesses can send invoices, documents to their customers, suppliers through their Business Name. The 'From' field in the email show your Business instead of In addition, a cc: field was provided to send a copy to your business and the subject of the email is now populated with Invoice Number.

  7. For Tax Consultants or Multi-country business owners: Now it is possible to have multiple country businesses under a single login. Switching a business from one to another is as easy as earlier, also show the country flag in the navigation pane for easy readability.

Jan 30th 2019
  1. e-Way Bill: The new updated functionality gives GST Accounting software the ability to request e-Way Bills through mobile SMS and download the document for drivers to carry through their vehicles. The easier functionality now comes with all possible options such as generate, update, cancel and print the e-Way bill while you are on the road. Refer How to create GST e-Way Bill?

  2. Barcode Scanner: After many requests, we finally integrated, tested Barcode Scanners with our GST Accounting Books software. Please follow the instructions on how to generate, print, scan the products using the same. Refer How to use Barcode Scanner with GST Accounting Software?

  3. Product Serial Number: Due to the integration of Barcode Scanners with the software, we must now maintain the Product Serial Numbers at the Product Master Screen. It is needed only for those who like to use barcode Scanners, others continually use either Product number or Product Description to search and add to Invoices. Refer Help on Product Master

Jan 16th 2019
  1. Amazon, Flipkart Invoice Imports: Accounting and GST Filing made easy for businesses having sales in e-Commerce portals like Amazon & Flipkart. Using GST Accounting software, now the business can directly import the seller central or Seller Hub invoices in seconds to file GST returns, and maintain accounting Refer How to create Tax Invoice

  2. PO Terms & Conditions: Now you can set the business wise Purchase Order Terms & Conditions part of My Business Screen and the same will be available at the time of Invoice Generation, which you may modify further while generating the PO. Refer How to setup GST Accounting Software?

Jan 10th 2019
  1. Upload Scanned Signature: Tax invoice can be signed digitally using GST Accounting software. You can take the photo of signature and upload it in My Business. The invoice will be emailed / printed with the signature uploaded. Refer How to setup GST Accounting Software?

  2. Export Tax invoices and SEZ invoices: GST Accounting software enabled the export invoicing and invoices to SEZ much easier. Now the business can differentiate the export invoices and SEZ invoices

  3. Bank Reconciliation: An updated version of Bank Reconciliation module was introduced for a bank agnostic integration and to highlight the transaction that are full, partial, or no match with the entered transactions in the system. This will enhance the productivity of the user to reconcile and update / create the transactions. Refer Bank Reconciliation with GST Accounting Books

  4. Print on Letterhead Paper: A new option was given to facilitate the users to print their invoices / estimates / POs etc. on a pre-printed letter head. Refer How to customize Tax Invoice?

  5. Send e-Mail to your Customers: An updated feature to send custom email messages to your customers on either invoice related or a new product release related announcement through the software. In addition, as a paid customer, it is allowed to send up to 100 SMSs to your customers. Refer Customer Master Help

Nov 27th 2018
  1. GST Software Help Center: Introduced a GST Help Center Portal to cover all the relevant help content at GST Help Center

  2. Invoice Terms & Conditions: Each invoice may come up with different terms and Conditions. Now you can directly edit the terms & conditions for each invoice. Refer How to create a Tax Invoice

  3. Customize Invoices Print: With GST Accounting Software you can simply customize the invoices printing by choosing which columns. Now you can also generate the invoices in A4, POS and A5 and Letterheads. Refer How to customize Tax Invoice?

Sep 12th 2018
  1. e-Commerce Sales: Updated functionality in uploading the Amazon, Flipkart Invoices directly into the GST Accounting Software to facilitate GST Return filing along with the entries made directly in to the System.

  2. Advance Payment: Now you can capture Advance Payments made by your customers in the system to use them against the future invoices.

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